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Did you know you can increase your confidence 10x simply by dressing for your body type?


“I used to hate the whole idea of going into my closet because I didn’t think I had the right clothes, I didn’t know how to put things together.  I feel more comfortable about my clothes, about managing my wardrobe – I feel more in control because I know now what works for me!”

Susan, Triangle Body Type

Nearly 60% of women struggle with what to wear on a daily basis, with 9 out of 10 having doubts at least once a week

Our own research at Wardrobe 911 confirmed what we already knew.  That’s why I created an easy-to-use, effortless system focused on four common body types that guide women in developing their perfect wardrobe. It’s not one size fits all.

The Body Type Style Guides takes the guesswork and anxiety out of knowing what looks right for a woman and helps her feel confident about what to wear every day.


In 2007, Wardrobe 911 conducted a body type survey in which over 100 women responded with their measurements and perceptions. Combined with the measurements we had from an additional 200 women, we discovered some interesting things.

  • Most women are either rectangles (41%) or hourglasses (40%.)
  • The rest are triangles and of those, only 4 percent are inverted.
  • There are quite a few misconceptions about triangles (aka pear-shaped.) Only 15 percent of women are triangles. Of those, 67% thought they were hourglasses!

And, because we believe in communicating design principles aligned with shape and form, we don’t compare women’s body types to fruit. 😉

My Story

You probably got here because you were looking for how to gray gracefully or wanted inspiration for what to wear that is ageless and authentic. In 2005 I launched wardrobe911.com and it soon became a popular style blog for what to wear. 

My mission was to help women see their inner and outer beauty by helping them dress for their body type, style personality and unique coloring.

I had clients flying in from all over the world to see me, I consulted top spokespeople, styled the hosts on KQED TV and spoke all over the country about developing your unique style and even trained personal stylists.

After 7 years, I started losing interest in the world of fashion and wanted to create for women a deeper, more authentic way of being. And so I started focusing solely on color and Wardrobe 911 went away.

Now, after much prodding and requests from former clients and readers, I’m pleased to bring back my Body Type quiz and Guides so that you can create your authentic style and feel confident that you are dressing right for your body type.

Arden Reece, Founder

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