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Yesterday my childhood friend, Kari, who is battling Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma posted a message on her CaringBridge page. She's been battling it for 12 years and currently undergoing a new trial of infusions and radiation. To say she is living a new normal is an understatement. Her melanoma was caused by her getting sunburned as a kid. (Yes, we would lay out in her backyard slathered in baby oil and use her mom's silver sun roof top to help us tan. DUMB.)  Her children, who are growing so fast, have only known this way of living and even go to cancer camp for kids where they connect with children of cancer patients and form a bond only they will understand.

It is her dream that all parents and adults get the message out to their children to not get sunburned.  “Please feel free to give them my number (I'm serious), share my story, show them pictures of someone who has spent 12 years fighting for their life thanks to sunburn (I'll send you one of me in bed along with a list of everything I have given up and a list of the heartache ensued).”

“It is real, it is scary, DON'T GET SUNBURNED! I see so many teens and young adults that know better but don't bother to protect themselves. Please don't stop parenting them – this is something that could impact their life forever. Doesn't matter what college they get in to, or what amazing job they get, or what they accomplish – it can all be taken away lickety split because they did not take care of their skin in their early life!”

Sunscreen saves lives. One company that I highly admire for infusing their makeup and skin products with sunscreen and healthy formulations is Colorescience. Colorescience has made it their mission to make wearing sunscreen easier with their Sunstoppable products and they've won accolades for this product.

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We know that every sunburn counts and that only 25% of kids wear sunscreen daily. One severe sunburn during childhood doubles the lifetime risk of melanoma. But, with proper protection most types of skin cancer are 100% preventable.

According to the Melanoma Research Foundation, you only need broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect you from the sun – read more of their sun protection facts here. Colorescience uses no chemicals in their products and the broad spectrum SPF used in their Suncare products range from 20 to 50. Seriously, just dust it on. It lasts for 80 minutes in the water.

And a side note to those of you who may be celiac like myself: their ingredients are gluten-free but their formulations are manufactured in a facility where products with gluten are made so there is the possibility of cross-contamination.

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