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what to wear: salsa dancing

what to wear salsa dancing

Latin dance is hot! We have some expert advice from what to wear to how to manage your personal belongings on the dance floor from salsa dance lover Julia. She is also the creator and designer of wallets2wear, which features accessories that function as a small wallet for those times you just want to leave the house with a few important items (ID, credit card, key and cash) and don't want to carry a purse. The idea was born from her love of salsa dancing and the eternal question of what to do with your purse while on the dance floor. But her designs function well for everything from exercise to everyday wear to dressy occasions like weddings.

Salsa Outfit Tips:

Good: Sexy, flouncy, sheer, straps, animal print, intense colors, open in the back, movable, real dance shoes
Bad: Pencil skirts, strapless dresses, heavy/thick fabrics, skirts too short, stuff that flips out and hits your partner in the face when you spin and non-dance shoes

Salsa Outfit:

  • Rachel Pally Wrap Halter Top – Halter tops look fabulous on hourglass and inverted triangle body types. There is enough spandex to keep you loose for those dance moves. Rectangle body types would look great in the MM Couture Knit Top (not shown).
  • Starry Night or Midnight Moon Beaded Bracelets – These are my favorite designs from Julia's line. They are stylish, lightweight and contain a small pouch to hold your personal belongings including lipstick. The midnight moon black metallic pleated wristband is soft and flexible and a bestseller amongst dancers.

I hope this article puts you in the mood for a little dancing.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

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    This is adorable, but just FYI, most of the links don’t seem to work. I use Firefox and the only things I can click through to are the bracelets and the shoes. And I really wanted a closer look at that top!

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    What a fantastic feeling to know my bracelets made it all the way to Canada in such a short time! My thanks to you and your daughters. (And what a nice outfit to be paired with above–Wardrobe 911 nailed the salsa attire, as it does with everything else 🙂

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