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what to wear: lounge/active wear

With the chillier weather that we're having, you may find yourself lounging around your home more. But just because you are home, doesn't mean that you have to hang out in your pajamas, faded t-shirts and sweats. For days when you're at home but may have to answer the door, take the dog out for a quick walk, or make a trip to the market to pick up some veggies and spices for cooking dinner, here's the perfect outfit.

Wear an Easy Sweathshirt like this one from Gap. It's sporty look is both comfortable and functional, with just the right amount of detail to keep it interesting. Pair it with a relaxed fit wide-leg drawstring pant like these by Zella. It's wide waist band is great to flatten the tummy and with a relaxed fit, you can't go wrong.

While at home, throw on some adorable crocheted slippers and blanket yourself in a wrap for warmth.  And if you need to head out to run errands, all you need to add are your sleek athletic flats and your stylish tote.

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  1. 1

    I love this look – its put-together and comfortable, while also not looking sloppy. I have a question though…is it too casual for anything more than a quick errand? Can I wear this for a day at the mall, a dentist appointment, or meeting a friend for coffee? I do see people dressed like this, but I wonder if they’re on their way to/from a yoga class. Are pants like these inter-changeable with jeans? Or less casual than that?

  2. 2

    Dentist appt, yes. (comfort in the chair of hell is of utmost importance!) For meeting friends or a day at the mall, I’d change to jeans. The pants are too casual for being out in all day — unless you’re running. 😉

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