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what to wear: hot flashes

what to wear when having a hot flash

Ah, the hot flash. The sign that your period is/has come to an end…halle-fricken-lujah. (that's how I feel anyways.) And the ‘oh my heck, what is going on with me?' has been replaced with ‘get out of my way!' as you jet to the nearest turbo fan. For some, you get them all day long and night. Others, you get them just in the evening. There's nothing you can do and you find that it's more of a nuisance than anything. There are certainly treatments that your doctor can prescribe and some great supplements to help…but this is Wardrobe 911. 😉

How do you stay cool and comfortable? Evening is key because that's when most women get the night sweats. You need breathable fabrics to wick off the sweat and room to move around as anything constricting is uncomfortable. The split-neck nightie on the right is 100% cotton and perfect for keeping you from being too miserable. It comes in heather gray (shown) and a beautiful cornflower blue. Another great option is Soft Surroundings Bamboo Gown – it's super soft and very breathable.

During the daytime, layering is good. But it doesn't matter if it's 20 below outside, you still feel like you're in an oven during flash time. Stay with cotton and cotton-blend sleeveless tops and bottoms. I'm in love with this perforated-stripe tank from Old Navy. Yes, perforated…meaning more air conditioning. For under $13 you can be stylishly cool. Wear it with a cute maxi or midi skirt like this Pura Vida skirt from Athleta.

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Obviously, you need a good paddle fan nearby along with the remote to your turbo fan. Happy fanning!

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