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what to wear: boomer weekend

50's style weekend outfit

If you're in your 50's, I'm sure you've heard of the term Boomer. Not that we like to put a label on any person or generation, but the Boomer generation has largely redefined what it means to age well.  A while back 40 was the new 30, and now 50 is the new 40.  And although how we dress should be indicative of our personal style and what works best for us, our makeup also needs to fit the bill.  Where is the carefree makeup wand that makes our aging skin look great but isn't coined “anti-aging”?

Enter Cindy Joseph, whom I sure you would recognize from the Eileen Fisher ads.  Cindy is a breath of fresh air — natural, carefree and stunningly beautiful inside and out.  After 25 years as a makeup artist, she was literally discovered on the streets of NYC at 49 and her modeling career took off.  Combined with her knack for makeup artistry and her philosophy for being authentically natural, she has just launched the first pro-age, aspirational cosmetic line designed for women of every generation, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

So, you know how sometimes you create an outfit based on the shoes?  Well, today I created the outfit based on Cindy's BOOMSTICK Duo, BOOMSTICK Glo and BOOMSTICK Color. Both bring out your natural coloring and make putting on makeup super easy — perfect for any day or just the weekend.

For a weekend look, here's something for you hip 50+ Boomers:

Try these fab Banana Republic Martin skinny pants in gray.  The rise is high enough to provide you ample coverage and the leg is straight enough to provide a cool, sleek weekend look.  I'm a sucker for Splendid shirts because they use such soft and supple Supmia cotton.  This mini stripe gray tunic with a slight cowl neck is the perfect partner to the sleek pants.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

If you like to layer but don't want to overdo it in the hot summer months, this linen 2-pocket vest is very Eileen Fisher but at Banana Republic prices.  While the Glo stick will definitely add some color, throw on a turquoise printed silk blend scarf and add these new and comfy teal Cole Haan Air flats by Maria Sharapova.

P.S.  Cindy tells me that she also has BOOM! Glimmer which you can get at her site:

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    Wow! I just turned 50 and I think 50 is the new 30! I don’t want to dress like “an old lady” but also don’t want to dress like my 25 or 13 year old daughters! Thanks for the ideas; would definitely love to see more in this category.

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