what to wear: 65+ fall style

The reason for this post is because I’ve never seen it addressed. And so I decided to do some research and even sent out a query to the PR flacks to see if their fashion clients had any clothes that met the needs of a woman over 65. I got lots of responses (and a few were right on) but most were wanting to know when the article would be published because they themselves wanted to know.

I guess you can’t ask a 20 or 30-something designer to consider designing for their grandma — where’s the fun, right? <sarcasm>  Even more insightful (and at times hilarious) were my conversations with women in their 60′s and beyond.

Here’s the truth about aging: We don’t feel like it in our heads! We still think the same as we did when we were 29. We want to look good!

And the collective 65+ cry is “Hello people! Society! Advertisers! We are here and we’re tired of being ignored.”

Designers, take note! Based on my conversations and interviews, here are the Top 10 needs – now, remember not all will apply but some just may. If you’re over 65 do any of these resonate?

  1. Things just start to sag. Arms, neck, breasts, thighs. These want to be covered up by most women.
  2. Varicose veins. Pants are preferred and perfect for covering the leg area.  Or higher dernier hosiery.
  3. Shoes that are comfortable. Many of you like wearing tennis shoes because they are comfy. (We have more stylish options below!)
  4. Quick and fast shopping excursions. You can’t shop for long because you may have hip or back pain.
  5. Breathable fabrics. For some of you, you like natural fabrics because they breathe as your body temperature seems to have risen and stayed there.
  6. You like shoes and clothes that are easy to put on because you may have arthritis in your fingers and joints.
  7. You’re not into “dressing up” because you’re retired or you find it’s too much trouble. Casual, comfortable and affordable clothes are important to you. Some of you even mentioned that you’ve gotten a little lazy in this area because your lifestyle has changed big time.
  8. Flattering but not too confined tops, skirts and pants. You don’t like things too tight around your waist — you want them to fall right over that area.
  9. Washable.  No dry cleaning for you!
  10. Budget friendly. You are on a set income now and want these items to be affordable.
  11. I know I said 10 but this one was mentioned more than once (oh, you have such senses of humor!): I’d like a “Forever 39″ store.

65plus_fallSo, what to wear?  I thought you’d never ask! Here’s my pick for an effortless, easy, washable outfit that can be worn any day of the week:

  • A soft thin-wale cotton corduroy pant in navy. These have an elastic band in the back for comfort and go up to size 16.
  • A button down 3/4 sleeve striped cotton top.
  • For when you’re heading out to run errands or grab lunch, wear a pretty colored thin quilted vest. These are such a great jacket option and immediately add a little more style to your outfit.  The vest nips in at the waist in the back which creates a nice hourglass look. And since Zappos is a wonderful online store that offers free shipping back and forth, you can’t go wrong.  Your achy hips will love you for it.
  • For shoes, try these slip-on sneakers by Skechers in a neutral taupe. They are super affordable and go up to size 11.
  • As for a handbag, your back health is important so you need to distribute the weight.  A cross body bag in a neutral color is a healthy option to consider.

20 Responses to “what to wear: 65+ fall style”

  1. Ha! Fashion for 65+ indeed! I’m 33 and, after two pregnancies, am dealing with #1, #2, #3, #5, #8 and #10. Your rules still apply.

  2. I think you should include proper under garments in this list. I don’t know how many older sisters I see out there with their girls around their waists.

  3. ROTFLMAO Susan. You made me burst out laughing with that comment. I immediately thought of that cartoon character Maxine.

    Anne — hee! Yes, I think we all can identify with some of these. I’m for a Forever 39 store.

  4. Nice outfit for a “fifty someone” too. Just ordered the slip on sneakers!!!

  5. I’m celebrating my 65th birthday in two months. I wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit. I’m still part of the business world. This outfit says “I give up” to me.

  6. Sherry – I wouldn’t wear this for work either! It’s definitely an outfit for the non-working retired woman. But I’m curious why you think it says “I give up”?

  7. I’m 56, is this what I have to look forward too??? Gosh, kill me now.

  8. No, this type of clothes works for those who have not found their own personal style…If you know your body type and have worked over the years to
    perfect your style, you do not have to resort to this type of boring clothes…I appreciate the intent in selecting clothes for older women, but certainly, this is not for every older woman…Look around, there are some hot, se-y, fashionistas of the older set…Boots, jeans, well-constructed jackets and cardis, you know the drill.

  9. No, I have not seen a hot, sexy 70 year old woman wear knee high boots but I’m sure there are a few out there! The goal of the article was to meet the 10 requirements of the REGULAR older woman and find something that would work for their everyday retired life. I think you all recognize now what limited options there are and how ignored this group is. That is why I wrote this. All clothes are boring until you put them on and add your own je ne sais quoi.

  10. You are so right about never having seen these topics addressed before! It´s not about being over 65-it´s about any post menopause woman. You forgot about the hour-glass figure turning into an oil drum! I went to the mall the other day in 2″ heels, had to take them off in agony, leave barefoot and throw them away when I got home…I cried realizing that those days are over but tennis shoes? NEVER! How about ballet slippers or flats?

  11. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for this wonderful post! There may be disagreement on how to approach dressing post 65 (heck, post 50!), but your 10 (+1!) points are right on!

  12. I am a 65 year old that yes feels like I’m still 30 but have no ideal how to dress. I stay in jeans and knit shirts and look and feel awful. When I worked I felt like I dressed nice. More the classic style. You know suits, dresses, heels, business wear, but I am at a total loss now. Feel like I need someone to tell me, show me what to wear to look nice. Don’t want to look like a teen, but not ready for the grave.

  13. Loved the article-am 70 in Jan and still working-working is easy-uniforms-laughed about the hr glass figure-girls bruising knees, and needing breezies w/ultimAir lining but we need more articles like this–We are alive and wanting to look w/it.
    Thank you!

  14. What I would like to know is how sexy can you dress when you are 65+

  15. I have always enjoyed incorporating elements of the latest fashion looks into my wardrobe. I am now 70 and still want to dress with style, comfort and move into the wide array of events and activities that I enjoy feeling and looking lovely. It is wonderful to find articles addressing the image of the older women. I believe that we are redefining what it means to be a healthy, active, beautiful woman for all of our life. I never intend to stop using my talents, interests and work. I will move through my days looking as great as I can from head to toe.

  16. I am 74. Would like to see more articles and fashions for my age. I love jeans and practically live in them. I love boots also. Why would I be too old for those slim jeans with boots? I’m not over-weight. I’m not talking about high heeled boots..more the sensible low heeled boot. I have never seen magazines specifically for women my age. We are out there and we SHOP. Thanks for letting me vent. But would like answers.

  17. Dear Style Institute Person,

    Thank you so much for the info. I’m writing an article based on my daughter’s info (she spent a lot of time dressing older women when she worked at a chi chi store in Beverly Hills) and I wanted to double check my baby’s information. You say pretty much the same thing and… even though I’m “only” 61… I’m ever so grateful for finding your article. Thanks for writing it.

  18. ps My daughter said not to wear a crossbody bag when you’re over 70, but I do… at 61… especially when I’m traveling. However, I suppose that Beverly Hills women don’t have to carry anything other than one credit card.

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