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top 5 beauty tricks for humid weather

beauty fixes to beat humidity

How do you keep your makeup looking great when humidity hits over 80%?  Most of our makeup routines have to change come summertime but sometimes a gal doesn't know what to do to keep her face from sliding.  So, here are my 5 top beauty fixes for keeping you looking fresh in the heat. What other tricks work for you?

Makeup Primer. Keep your foundation from sliding with makeup primer.  Smashbox has the best out there named Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It will honestly keep your makeup in place — just fab.

Mineral Powder. There are pressed mineral powders at Aveda stores as well as the loose powders by bareMinerals.  Try their Matte SPF 15 powder for the best results.

Lip Gloss.  Lipstick is a no go when it's hot and humid.  Instead, go for a tinted lip gloss.  3 Custom Color lip gloss wands are non-sticky and Robert Jones, makeup pro, has put together some very flattering color combos for all skin types.

Anti-Frizz Serum.  The hands-down, must-have product for your hair if it frizzes or gets out of control is Lok Blok.  It's the same product, Moisture Block, that I wrote about a long time ago but they just changed the name and packaging. Nothing compares.  I LOVE it.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

Waterproof Eye Makeup.  For eyeliner, Stila's All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner is perfect for enhancing your eyes without running.  You can also try waterproof mascara but the forumlas are so difficult to remove at night that a better option (although much more expensive) is to get full eyelash extensions.  A lash extension takes about 2 hours to do because they are individually applied but the result is very natural and you don't need to wear mascara. If you see them in person, you would never be able to tell. The cost is about $250 and they last about a month — updates are under $100. Shu Uemura offers this service as well as many lash and beauty boutiques.



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    One thing about mineral makeup for newbies–and if you wear the primer it may not matter, but it may darken as you wear it from oils in your skin, so test the shade for a while if you can, before you buy.

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