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the business of personal styling

So, what is this business about “personal stylists”?

For many of you, when you hear “stylist,” you probably think of the famous ones who “style” celebrities, picking out gala gowns and prepping glamorous photo shoots. Though there is definitely a stylist that does this kind of work, there's also a stylist who works with regular folks, normal people with a range of budgets and lifestyles and bodies. Like you and me.

If you've ever hired a lawyer, interior designer, personal trainer, architect, hair stylist or a even life coach, you're familiar with paying for a service that provides you something that is difficult to do with, for, or by yourself. You hire a stylist for the same reason–you buy your own clothes and sort through your own closet, but sometimes it really is difficult to assess your own style. A stylist will provide technical know-how by analyzing your body lines, proportion, unique coloring and style goals. But, they also help you with the emotional challenge of making a change – kind of like being a style or wardrobe therapist.

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Certain other services, like sorting through your entire wardrobe and helping you create outfits from what you already have via a “closet sweep“, take time, effort and real skill. Knowing what you “should” do and then actually doing it are not always the same thing. Your “style therapist” can get you to the other side. Often she'll help you find those few pieces that will tie together an already decent working wardrobe or get rid of things that no longer work due to weight changes, life changes, a new job or just a sense that they don't represent who you want to be NOW.

But who is a “stylist”? As the economy and lifestyle desires have changed, many smart women are seeking home-based businesses that will allow them the freedom to be with their children, pursue other interests, or just take control of their financial destiny. “Personal styling” is one such business that provides meaning and allows you to be in the driver's seat of your own life's schedule. We offer top-notch online training and support to applicants from all over the world. Wardrobe 911 stylists share the following three traits:

  1. Are College Graduates. We believe the strongest market for styling is for the educated, professional woman. We also want our graduates to represent the field of personal styling by being articulate and literate.
  2. Have Prior Business/Professional Experience.  Starting and running your own business requires numerous entrepreneurial skills and personal qualities that go beyond the realm of styling, and our training program has a strong business and marketing component. Nevertheless, a prior background in some relevant business is necessary for the best possibility of success. We have found that life coaches have the skill-set to make excellent personal stylists, once the they are trained in the design component, since the business and communication skills are the same.
  3. Demonstrated Interest or Background in Design, Fashion, or the Arts. Whether or not you've done specific design coursework, you will need to demonstrate why and how you have an eye for style. The program trains the specific components – line, proportion, balance, color – as it relates to personal styling, but we also know that having an eye is important.  If you already are an interior designer, for example, consider adding a new line of business. Since you're already trained in color and art principles, training and certifying as a personal stylist is an easy path.

If you're interested in starting your own business and learning more about our personal stylist training courses please contact me directly!

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