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spring shoe trend: color blocking

color block shoes

Welcome color! I couldn’t resist posting about this recent fun trend that I’m starting to see in stores. What a great way to update your wardrobe for Spring. Just wear one of the colors in the shoe – or wear solid neutrals – either way, you can’t go wrong with these fun shoes. Here are


vacation + travel

what to wear: hawaii bound

what to wear in hawaii

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, or any island where they serve drinks in coconuts and lei you on arrival, you’ve probably been a witness to the horrific floral prints and patterns that people only seem to pull out when visiting tropical locales. Going on vacation doesn’t give you a free pass to wear head-to-toe


vacation + travel

what to wear: disneyland

disneyland outfit mom

I just came back from Disneyland and had a wonderful experience. It is a crazy time of year to go, however, it can still be fun if you plan accordingly, including what to wear. If you are headed there this summer, here is an outfit recommendation to help you look fashionable in a casual and


business casual

what to wear: hot + humid at work

work outfit for summer

One of my more recent posts was how to look great in the humid weather when it comes to makeup.  So, I figured, why not cover what to wear in the heat when it comes to work? It is such a huge concern for many of you — we get emails all the time about


business casual, inverted triangle

what to wear: research lab at work

what to wear business casual work

Justine was our wallets2wear Product Giveaway winner. In addition to the bracelet that she won, we selected her fashion emergency question to solve. Reader Question: I’ve got a fashion emergency of sorts, it’s ongoing, so I won’t collapse from it!  What would you recommend to someone who works in a lab? I’m 27 and work


weekend + lounging

what to wear: picnic at the park

picnic outfit

If you’re headed to the park for a casual picnic and frisbee toss, here’s something to wear for the shorts-shy gal. Start with these cotton olive “Captain Trousers” which are cropped and have a 10″ rise.  These are non-marmy and perfect for those of you who have a long rise or like just a little


dating + going out

what to wear: out dancing

what to wear out dancing

Are you looking for a simple solution to store your personal items for dancing, working out, weddings or shopping? I personally own one of Julia’s wallets2wear stylish beaded bracelets and wrote about them in a salsa dancing and bridesmaid post because I love them! The beads are so pretty and I am constantly asked “where