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what to wear: road trip

With summer in full swing, vacation time is now upon us.  With 2/3 of Americans taking a vacation this summer, half of them will be staying closer to home.  That means “road trip!” Whether you’re in the car for a few hours to a close-by destination or decide to take some roads less traveled and


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wardrobe planning: accessories

For the last article of our $1500 Challenge series, I thought it best to cover something we all tend to shop for as an afterthought: accessories.  Accessories keep an outfit interesting and can convey your personal style much more easily than a Splendid tee. Try and find the best quality you can afford when it


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what to wear: after work party

Whether you’re a small business owner or a company executive, heading to after-work networking events and parties becomes par for the course in the summertime. Although jackets aren’t required for these events, your look still needs to be professional.  Here’s a great day to evening outfit for inspiration: Black silk ruffle top – taking cues


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what to wear: summer neutrals

When the weather is hot, wearing lightweight neutrals is the only thing that will keep us cool –  short of running in the sprinklers, uh-em.  And dressing mono-chromatically makes us look polished and lean…gotta love that.  Here’s a simple outfit to wear when you want to look and stay cool.  Happy Summer Solstice weekend!! Theory


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what to wear: thunderstorms

The one thing that we don’t get in the SF Bay Area are thunderstorms.  I love them. From counting the distance when the lightning strikes to the billowing thunder that follows — it’s like a huge magic show put on by nature.  And then, as quickly as they roll in, they leave us standing there


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what to wear: boating

If you’re planning a fun daytime boating trip on the river, lake, or bay, then today’s outfit should hopefully inspire you.  When you’re on a boat, the temperature can change dramatically; when the boat’s not moving, you’re boiling hot and when it starts hitting fast speeds, you end up  shivering from the wind and spray.


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taste + price are not directly proprotional

I don’t know if it’s just me but this Spring I’m not loving as much.  A lot of the styles I’m seeing out there are not flattering to anyone — even stick-thin models. As a former retailer, I know what it’s like when something you ordered turns out totally different than what you expect. (Buyers