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what to wear: meeting husband’s boss

We *just* got this in and couldn’t resist holding off on our regularly scheduled post to help out one of our readers. Reader Question of the Week In a couple of days I’m meeting my husband’s bosses for the first time when we’ll all go for drinks and to see a Broadway musical. What to


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what to wear: in surgery

If you are a female doctor or surgeon (or if you have to stand all day and follow a strict dress code), you may find your options limited in finding comfortable closed-toe shoes and an outfit that conveys you are not the secretary down the hall.   Here’s an outfit that is simple, professional and perfect


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what to wear: business casual

Spring tends to be the toughest season for determining what to wear to work  for most women. Looking put together when it’s 80+ degrees outside can be challenging, especially if you hate your arms.  Here, we show a layered outfit that is perfect for going from the hot car to the air-conditioned office. First, start


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wardrobe essentials for your body type

Since I am asked frequently what the best top styles and jeans are to stock up on for each body type, I decided to do a post to share with you some of the best. If you have read my Recipe Box, then you’re familiar with some of these styles and probably have some sitting


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what to wear: gray day

Regardless of the month, every now and then a gray day comes along where it’s wet and cold.  On those gray days, you just want to snuggle up.  Here’s a simple outfit which also looks smashing on gray-haired beauties, is perfect for traveling for business because it doesn’t wrinkle and takes 2 seconds to put


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what to wear: nyc silver sisters event

You’ve registered for Going Gray Looking Great’s Silver Sister event in NYC and now you’re wondering what to wear.  Since it’ll be at the Hudson, dressing casual chic is called for — but you need to be comfortable since you’ll be sitting for the most of the event soaking up all the beauty and fashion


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what to wear: the shirt dress

For warm days, the shirt dress is the perfect wardrobe staple for every working woman’s closet.  This season there are tons of modern takes and twists to this standard classic to choose from.  Here, I show some great dresses that work for various body types — hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you. From left