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are you a schlumpadinka?

schlumpadink style

Maybe you remember when Oprah used the term “schlumpadinka” to describe the way we have “let ourselves go” in the style department. If you work at home–either at a job or as a full-time mom–do you struggle with how to be comfortable and look decent? Casual is fine, but when is that boundary crossed? Okay,


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what to wear: disneyland

disneyland outfit mom

I just came back from Disneyland and had a wonderful experience. It is a crazy time of year to go, however, it can still be fun if you plan accordingly, including what to wear. If you are headed there this summer, here is an outfit recommendation to help you look fashionable in a casual and


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what to wear: college graduation


FINALLY!  You are done. No more. Ever.  It’s time for greener pastures. “But, Arden,” you inquire, “Who are you talking to?  The graduate who no longer has to cram for mid-terms and write papers or the mom who no longer has to send emergency funds on demand?” Both!  Graduation season is fast approaching and so


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what to wear: business casual when you are pregnant

business maternity outfit

Reader Question What about some maternity clothes options for work? Specifically, something other than dresses. I work in a business casual office and jeans are for Fridays, only. I’m also somewhere between an hourglass and a pear-shape (pre-pregnancy), which means a large chest and heavier legs. It’s the fact that I don’t have long or


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what to wear: when you’re pregnant

maternity outfits

A stylish and practical wardrobe is vital for a pregnant woman to get through the nine months. The styles and silhouettes continue to improve, and there are so many options. You should take advantage of the glow that pregnant woman exhibit by incorporating a wardrobe, which compliments that “happy feeling”. Shawl Wrap Cardi – this


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what to shoe: disney world

what shoes to wear disneyworld

Reader Question of the Week: I’m going to Disney World in February and I’m wondering about shoes. I want to be comfortable because I will be on my feet for 12 hours at a stretch and nothing can ruin a good time like aching feet. But I’d also like it to look a step or


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how to wear: corduroy blazer

how to wear cord jacket

Reader Wardrobe Challenge I got myself last year this blazer from Nordstrom. I am a 40 year old STAHM with a 3 and 8 year old in Chicago. I would love to get more wear out of that blazer. Wardrobe 911’s Outfit Prescription The corduroy blazer is perfect for rectangles and those with a more