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what to wear – purple trend

Purple is the must-have color this fall! It is everywhere so I have included several stylish clothes and accessories along with some color tips. Fortunately, purple is a color that everyone can wear. If your color temperature is cool or warm, you can take advantage of the purple trend this Fall.  Purple is a regal


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wardrobe planning: evening shoes

When we conducted a survey a few years back about what areas you struggle with most in determining what to wear, one-third of you said it was your “going out” wardrobe.  And, since we’ve been asked a few times to share what shoes one should have in her evening wardrobe, we felt this post was


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what to wear: cocktails and dinner

It could be your first date or the millionth date with your sweetie but you’ve both decided you’re going to dress up and have some fun at the swanky new restaurant that just opened.  So a new dress is in order but you want to keep it under a tight budget! Here we show a


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what to wear: going out with friends

It’s Friday night and a few of you are getting together for some drinks and mayhem. If you’re a jeans girl, you want something simple, effortless and sexy. Here it is: Ella Moss Imogene halter top in a jeweled green. This top is perfect if you are small-busted, broad shouldered and want the tummy to


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what to wear: back to school teacher

Over the years we’ve received a few requests to help out the great teachers who want to look professional yet approachable on a budget.  I’m a huge sucker for teachers since I come from a long line of teachers in our family, including my father who retired a few years ago as a professor at


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wardrobe planning: military to civilian life

Reader Question of the Week I  have been in military service for the past ten years and next month, I make my transition to the civilian world. If there were a few key pieces I should invest in for job interviews and my life in the civilian world, what should they be? Wardrobe 911’s Prescription


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please don’t: fall fashion landmines

If you’re of a certain age and already went through the 80’s wearing Doc Martens, leggings or your Ton Sur Ton pants, and your cool thrift-store finds, OR you went to work in a skirt suit with big shoulder pads, this is for you:  they’re baaaack!!!    (or more like, ‘they’re STILL here!”) Of course