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what to wear: casual weekend

weekend look for rectangle

In a recent Michael Stars post, we highlighted a tee that fits an hourglass and triangle figure.  One of our readers asked us to recommend a tee that would fit a broad shouldered rectangle.  One way to address broad shoulders is to look for tops with draped sleeves as featured in this outfit.   Michael

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what to wear: carefree casual

“Carefree Casual”  is one of the most popular Wardrobe 911 style personalities and it is actually one of my favorite styles.  Most woman who wear this style like to portray an easy-going and comfortable look.  This may be your core-style if you don’t work in a  corporate environment. Or it could be your sub-style if 

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what to wear: weekend lounging

Why not look good while hanging around the house on a weekend?  I am a big fan of double duty loungewear – clothes that are comfortable and cozy but are also cute enough to wear out if necessary.  No need for shlumpy sweats when you’ve got options like these: I’ve noticed that when you shop

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how to dress: monochromatically

monochromatic outfit

This week is going to be a little different.  This week our posts are going to focus on color and how to use it in your wardrobe.  From color harmony (like today’s post) to why the seasons aren’t the best system for choosing your colors, we’ll hopefully dispel some myths and get you excited about

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wardrobe planning: mom wardrobe

The $1500 Wardrobe Challenge continues and today’s post is for mom’s and gals who lead a more casual lifestyle.  When carving the wardrobe, I took the approach to spend the money on the items where the cost per wear is worth it (bottoms, special dresses and shoes) and go for inexpensive but fun tops that

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what to wear: independence day

For those of you in the US, our national holiday full of barbecues and fireworks is around the corner.  It’s my favorite holiday because it’s a day when friends and family come together to play, eat good food and listen to music.  The party continues on into the evening with a wonderful fireworks show, whether

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what to wear: summer neutrals

When the weather is hot, wearing lightweight neutrals is the only thing that will keep us cool –  short of running in the sprinklers, uh-em.  And dressing mono-chromatically makes us look polished and lean…gotta love that.  Here’s a simple outfit to wear when you want to look and stay cool.  Happy Summer Solstice weekend!! Theory

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