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first date: over 40-something

In the post-divorce, over 40-something world, dating seems like a foreign language; something that if you haven’t practiced in a while, you find yourself rusty and making some mistakes along the way. It’s true, dating is different now and although once unconventional, meeting someone online is more than acceptable…but full of landmines.  Men tend to


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what to wear: hot flashes

Ah, the hot flash. The sign that your period is/has come to an end…halle-fricken-lujah. (that’s how I feel anyways.) And the ‘oh my heck, what is going on with me?’ has been replaced with ‘get out of my way!’ as you jet to the nearest turbo fan. For some, you get them all day long and


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what to wear: best choices for women of a certain age

A Reader Asks How do I choose classic-styled clothes suitable for a woman of a certain age and not give the wrong appearance? I would like to look fresh in style but not flaunting it like a 20 year old. And be affordable too. Most of what I see in stores screams too young or


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what to wear: 20th high school reunion

It’s that time of year when all the high school reunions start happening.  Since they typically happen over a 2-day period, you may find yourself at a casual dinner or cocktail party and then at the park with family the following day. If you are planning on attending your 20th (or above) reunion, here’s a


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what to wear: mother of the groom or bride

If you are the mother of the bride or groom, chances are you’ve seen various dress options that are a bit on the matronly side.  Or, you may have discovered there is a shortage of dresses with sleeves! Sometimes, we have to make do by getting a sleeveless dress and pairing it with a jacket. 


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what to wear: summer getaway, 40+

If you plan on taking a mini-vacation over an extended weekend, you don’t need to lug a suitcase full of clothes.  Instead, you want to have a couple of outfits for day and evening tucked into a cute carry-on.  Since most women over 40 (not all!) like to cover their arms a bit, you want


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what to wear: meeting husband’s boss

We *just* got this in and couldn’t resist holding off on our regularly scheduled post to help out one of our readers. Reader Question of the Week In a couple of days I’m meeting my husband’s bosses for the first time when we’ll all go for drinks and to see a Broadway musical. What to