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what to wear: best choices for women of a certain age

what to wear classic 40 year old

A Reader Asks How do I choose classic-styled clothes suitable for a woman of a certain age and not give the wrong appearance? I would like to look fresh in style but not flaunting it like a 20 year old. And be affordable too. Most of what I see in stores screams too young or

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what to wear: 20th high school reunion

It’s that time of year when all the high school reunions start happening.  Since they typically happen over a 2-day period, you may find yourself at a casual dinner or cocktail party and then at the park with family the following day. If you are planning on attending your 20th (or above) reunion, here’s a

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what to wear: mother of the groom or bride

If you are the mother of the bride or groom, chances are you’ve seen various dress options that are a bit on the matronly side.  Or, you may have discovered there is a shortage of dresses with sleeves! Sometimes, we have to make do by getting a sleeveless dress and pairing it with a jacket. 

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what to wear: summer getaway, 40+

If you plan on taking a mini-vacation over an extended weekend, you don’t need to lug a suitcase full of clothes.  Instead, you want to have a couple of outfits for day and evening tucked into a cute carry-on.  Since most women over 40 (not all!) like to cover their arms a bit, you want

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what to wear: meeting husband’s boss

We *just* got this in and couldn’t resist holding off on our regularly scheduled post to help out one of our readers. Reader Question of the Week In a couple of days I’m meeting my husband’s bosses for the first time when we’ll all go for drinks and to see a Broadway musical. What to

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what to wear: to a casual wedding, over 40

When you’re over 40, it seems like most of the great options for dresses disappear.  Either they’re too young (e.g. low-cut with short skirt) or they’re too marmy (e.g. taffeta suit with pearl buttons.) Sometimes a skirt and blouse combo can do the trick for a simple and casual wedding as long as the skirt

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what to wear: turning 40

It is “the” birthday of your lifetime; one in which you realize you are no longer a spring chick and that you really are a grown-up — even if you don’t feel like it.  Panic may set in as you contemplate the approaching day: “OMG, shouldn’t I own a designer suit or a nice pair

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