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how to wear: sun hats

college style hats

If you’ve stepped one toe outside this summer you’ve probably felt those rays beating down on you within seconds! The sun is relentless, all the more reason to invest in some great sun protection all summer long. Sunscreen is a must at all times (in fact, La Roche-Posay Anthelios is the best out there) but


seasonal + regional style

what to wear: spring fun

what to wear spring

For our readers who still wear junior sizes, here’s a cute springtime outfit that works for meeting friends for coffee or venturing off to class. And it’s all within a young gal’s tight budget. White scoop neck tee — The u-neck is a super flattering neckline for hourglasses, rectangles and inverted triangles. This one is


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what to wear: meeting the parents – triangle

You’ve been dating your significant other for awhile now, and the time has come for you to finally meet his (or her!) parents. This can be a very daunting event, but just like any other important occasion, the right outfit can soothe your worries. You’ll want to feel confident, yet at the same time come


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what to wear: urban window shopping

If you have great legs or are under 30ish and want to look stylish for a day of window shopping or sight-seeing in an urban setting, then this outfit is for you. The mini dress has been all over and looks chic when the rest of you is covered appropriately.  My philosophy for dressing sexy


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what to wear: young professional

You’re hip, you’re young, and you want to come off as professional at your job without sacrificing your own style. This outfit is entirely by J.Crew but I didn’t dip into their suit department because I think it can be too traditional for most 20-somethings (unless you’re an attorney or in the financial services industry.) 


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how to wear the short dress

Dresses, dresses everywhere.  If you find yourself in a department store, you can’t help but look at all the dresses. You take a few in to a dressing room to try on and egad!  Did you grow??  They hit mid-thigh.  To wear this trend, you’ll need to be in your 20’s……….or the fashion industry (and


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straight-leg pants

I’m sure you’ve seen by now the straight-leg jean-in-boot trend. And now the fashion mags are stating that straight-leg jeans and pants are in and anything boot-cut is out. This causes me grave concern for three reasons. One is that trends/fads shouldn’t be taken too seriously if you are over 30. The other is that