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shopping rx: why to get a cross-body bag

cross-body bags

I'm sure we all have dozens of purses that we just don't use. WHY you ask? Well, because they are probably to large, heavy, and uncomfortable. The most functional and comfortable bag, I've discovered, is the CROSS BODY BAG! If you haven't invested in one, then I highly recommend you look into it. These bags are perfect for long days of shopping, running errands, date nights, and work.

Check these styles out!

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    You are SO right Stefanie!Cross body bags are great for shopping dates with girlfriends. When you do shopping with a handbag over your shoulder, the damn thing slips off all the time when you are carrying bags or taking clothes off racks. This doesn’t happen with cross body bags. These bags are also great when you have small children and need your hands for holding little hands and/or carry nappy bags

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