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six shopping secrets

6 shopping secrets you must follow

Creating your perfect look can be simple if you know the secrets to making smart choices. Avoid shopping trauma altogether with these six shopping secrets:

Shopping Secret #1: Fit is Queen

They call it “Ready to Wear” clothing, but we all know that this phrase is not to be taken literally! A trip to the tailor may be all it takes to turn the adorable outfit that just doesn't fit right into the perfect ensemble that hugs in all the right places.

Shopping Secret #2: Know What Works for YOU

Color, pattern, and style are three important characteristics to consider when choosing an outfit.  Does the color harmonize with your coloring? Does the style work for your body type? Find out with the Wardrobe 911 Body Type Guide and it's counterpart, your own personalized color palette, easy to use tools & systems that take the guesswork and anxiety out of building a wardrobe. Knowing what styles work for your body type will allow you to experience less frustration in the fitting room.

Shopping Secret #3: You Don't Need a Wing Woman

Often, when shopping with friends, we are influenced by their taste and style which may or may not be a good thing. Shopping solo will allow you to make smarter and more practical clothing decisions based on what is actually right for YOU. Notate your style preferences and icons in our handy Shopping Companion to keep you on track.

Shopping Secret #4: Give It a Chance!

Don't discount something because the “hanger appeal” is less than exciting. More often than not, things look better on the body versus the hanger, so give it a chance! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Shopping Secret #5: Don't Look at the Price Tag...Yet

Try it on first. If it fits, looks good, and makes you feel great, then…and only then…are you allowed to check the tag. Over 50% of clothing purchases made are considered impulse buys. Just because something is on sale doesn't mean it's right for you. Don't let your “sales goggles” or an expensive number impair you from acquiring the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

Shopping Secret #6: Keep a Shopping List Close at All Times

Write down your wardrobe must-haves in your smart phone or on a pretty card to keep in your wallet. Consider your list as your own personal style coach and only purchase an item if it's on your list.  You will leave the store with what you need, guilt-free and ready to take on the world in style!


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