personal stylist services

Every working woman should have a personal stylist – they would have the confidence and time savings we all seek.  Thanks to you, I no longer worry about if I have the right pieces for my busy schedule.

DR. EDIE P., Surgeon + Busy Mom

Personal Stylist Services

Our mission at Wardrobe 911 is to inspire and guide you in looking and feeling great. When you work with Wardrobe 911, you receive professional guidance on what works and what doesn’t for you.

Our collective of personal stylists utilize Wardrobe 911’s proven approach and it’s first-of-a-kind system that translates your goals and attributes into an image that is uniquely you. From the initial style consultation, to wardrobe planning and shopping, we ensure you have all the guidance you need to communicate your authentic self.

Update your style in four easy steps

Every step of the process is carefully thought out so no time or energy is wasted. For a new mother of an active baby, this is critical. Now I feel like the hip mom I always wanted to be!”

RUTH, Counselor + Hip Mom

The process for developing your personal style is dependent on your needs and goals. However, the best way to develop a plan for your transformation is through our system that is broken into four easy steps. You can schedule steps 1 through 4 at your own pace or if you want a crash course, schedule them all in one week.

step1 Style Consultation – The style consultation launches your relationship with your personal stylist and it’s a part planning and part discovery process to ensure a style plan is put in place for you.

step2Closet Sweep – The closet sweep lasts approximately 3-4 hours and involves reviewing your entire wardrobe to ensure you are meeting your image and style goals.

step3Personal Shopping – Shopping with your personal stylist is extremely efficient and fun.  Your stylist will create your perfect wardrobe by finding pieces to round out what’s already in your closet.

step4Outfit Planning – The final but most important step is putting everything together to communicate your personal style. An outfit planning session includes pictures and the Wardrobe 911 Style Planning cards so you have an easy reference guide to your wardrobe.