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closet advice: the good, the bad and the ugly

wardrobe good and bad advice

A while back I was caught yelling at my TV (which I NEVER do…double-pinky swear) as I watched a personal stylist tell a national morning news anchor, Lynn Berry what to keep and get rid of in her closet. It was so exasperating to watch item after item kept or tossed because the stylist saw it one


stylist tips + tricks

what to wear: hot flashes

what to wear when having a hot flash

Ah, the hot flash. The sign that your period is/has come to an end…halle-fricken-lujah. (that’s how I feel anyways.) And the ‘oh my heck, what is going on with me?’ has been replaced with ‘get out of my way!’ as you jet to the nearest turbo fan. For some, you get them all day long and



the truth behind seasonal color analysis

seasons don't work for defining personal colors

If you’re over 40, you may remember when Color Me Beautiful was making a big splash in the 1980’s and everyone was getting their colors done to see what season they were and what colors they should wear. Were you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? With my pale white skin, dark brown auburn hair


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sandal roundup: summer neutrals

neutral summer 2015 sandals

The one thing I love about shoes is the ability to show your unique style with them. And this season, there’s a lot of edgy and fun details out there. I love a colorful shoe but today I wanted to focus on the lighter neutrals which work with almost every color as well as black



how color temperature affects what looks good on you

what to wear warm and cool colors

Perhaps you or someone you know has said, “I can’t wear red” or “I don’t like the color purple.”  With most anything, these are broad generalizations in the world of color as there are hundreds of different reds and purples…and blues and greens…if you’ve ever seen a paint deck, you get the idea.  One characteristic



the right neutrals for gray hair

the right neutrals for gray hair warm

If you have silver, gray, or white hair, then you probably have questioned at one time or another what colors work best for you. Before you start down the path of adding color, may I suggest that you have a good base of garments that focus solely on the right neutrals for you? Your neutrals


outfit ideas, weekend + lounging

what to wear: wine festival

two outfit options for a wine festival

Tis the season for summer festivals and my favorite is the Encinitas Wine Festival that’s happening here this weekend in Northern San Diego. It’s one of those where all the best around the area gather to benefit some great local charities, sip delicious wines and taste local cuisine. Since most wine festivals happen outdoors, you definitely want to