inner + outer beauty, transform your style

how to embrace the 2nd half of your life


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why our visual complements are key in what colors to wear

visual complements

So, there’s this story that in the 1950’s and 60’s, surgeons and doctors were complaining of headaches and eye strain after long moments in the operating room. Apparently they kept seeing blue-green spots after spending several hours at surgery. At the time, doctors and surgeons wore bright whites to convey ‘cleanliness’ yet those bright whites and bright

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ageless style

what to wear: silver hair goddess

what to wear with platinum hair

Whether you’re a silver sister or you’re thinking about joining us, this outfit is to inspire you. Whatever your age, when you decide to quit coloring your hair and show your ‘gray’ locks, you will find that: a) your coloring changes and some colors don’t look as great on you anymore, and b) that people start seeing

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15 items, 20+ looks

15 items, 20+ looks: casual summer, part 4

15 items wardrobe planning for summer

How to look effortlessly cool AND stay cool in the summer heat? Well, here’s my final 4 pieces to have this summer which round out the 15 items. Again, these are meant to be ultra casual and although you’re wearing shorts, denim and tees, these don’t convey ‘sloppy.’ I admit I threw in some dark wash jean trousers for

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stylist tips + tricks, wardrobe planning

why we never end up wearing our ‘nice’ clothes – and 4 steps to fix it

how to organize your closet so you wear clothes

When I think of the many closets and wardrobes I’ve seen in my work, it goes without saying that I also sense and hear a multitude of feelings and thoughts from my client’s emotional closet as well. Like our physical closets, our emotional closets can become disorganized and dated in a blink of an eye

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15 items, 20+ looks

15 items, 20+ looks: casual summer, part 3

15 items, 20 outfits summer casual

As we head into part 3 of the key casual summer wardrobe series, you are hopefully starting to see a theme of navy, denim and white with pops of color. It makes it easier to create multiple outfits by creating a simple color plan – and, many of these items can work straight into fall. 8. Wide leg

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15 items, 20+ looks

15 items, 20+ looks: casual summer, part 2

15 items, 20+ outfits for summer

Adding on to the first part of my casual summer series are items 5 through 7. The goal of these 15 items are to keep you cool in very warm weather yet still keep you stylish. And today I’m featuring white. Lighter colors help keep you cool and when you wear white, make sure to wear

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