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outfit inspiration: dog adoption weekend

what to wear fall weekend

This weekend, we're hitting the rescue organizations and shelters for another Boxer as our rescued Westie would like another brother or sister since we recently lost ours.  We foster at Helen Woodward Animal Center here in North San Diego but our search has found us looking at organizations far and near.  One thing that has really stood out to me as I've viewed countless, sweet animals is the number of pets that have been abandoned because they no longer “served” the needs of their owners.

Whether it be they cost money to care for or they “acted out” because they got jealous or they were meant to be just a breeding or guard dog, these little souls have been tossed to the curb.  It honestly breaks my heart. Rescue organizations would not be experiencing huge intakes nor would they even be in existence if people learned that owning a dog or cat was a LIFETIME commitment. These beings are your friends and are the most selfless and loving if you learn how to be a confident, calm, pack leader.  If you can't commit, don't do it and wait until you can …. because what ultimately happens is that they are sent to a shelter and euthanized….the rescue orgs can't keep up….it's that big of a problem.

So, as we go visiting some many worthy candidates to add to our family, I thought I'd share some fall weekend (or daytime!) outfit inspiration for you if you have to be on your feet all day or if you're kneeling down to pet your new furry companion. 🙂

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

And, a quick PS! The Shift Network is doing an encore of my free call, “Discovering Your True Colors” this Saturday at 10am. Sign up and if you can't make the time, they'll at least send you the link to the recording sometime next week.

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