Life as a Stylist

Being a stylist rocks! I had the amazing opportunity to style for the Miss Universe pageant this week in Las Vegas! I’m still in pinch me mode.

Once I arrived I felt like I stepped into a scene from Miss Congeniality. Just as I had imagined, there was a large area for hair dressers and makeup artists, a section set up for photo shoots and a LARGE area for wardrobe. The wardrobe section included swimsuits, amazing evening gowns and racks on racks of amazing looks for the magazine shoot.

This type of shoot was different from styling regular women with all different body types and sizes. These girls were beyond gorgeous, it just isn’t fair! They looked amazing in everything they tried on. It was important to know how to compliment their coloring so they could really POP in pictures. Also, knowing which neckline would compliment their face shape was extremely beneficial.

It was a 3 day shoot and at the beginning of each day we’d go over the looks that each girl would wear based on their skin and hair coloring,  size and theme of the day. The location on day 1 and 2 was in an awesome suite in the Planet Hollywood hotel that over looked the Paris hotel. We set up shop, which included ALL of the shoes, boxes of jewelry and our rack for the day. Day 3 was shot in an awesome club that had really glamorous locations throughout the club.

I worked with what I’d call “the dream team.” The best hair dressers and make-up artists were flown in from all over the world. The photographer was awesome to work with. He had an incredible vision and great energy. Below are some pictures, enjoy!

Miss Universe

Miss Universe

More photos coming soon on my personal site !

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Stefanie's passion lies in all things fashion related. Her background is in Fashion Design, where she has a deep understanding of product development, trend forecasting, and design. She became a personal stylist because she gets to help people on a more personal level and find it incredibly rewarding. Find out more

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