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Looking to refresh your style? Our wardrobe guides and color swatches are designed to help you bring out your unique qualities and build your authentic style.

I don't believe in putting people in boxes so you won't find a full color palette for you on the site, unfortunately. Instead, you'll find key core wardrobe palettes created for your dominant color temperature. (We all have warm and cool in us but we also have a dominant temperature that tells us what basics will work for us.) Your best neutrals are based on your dominant temperature and the Core Wardrobe Palettes & Guide were specifically created to focus on building an easy mix-and-match wardrobe built on your dominant temperature. If you don't know your dominant temperature, take the color quiz or use the brand-new skin tone temperature indicators in the shop.

From wardrobe planning tools such as the style planning cards and shopping cards, there's also kits with time-honored principles and guidance based on your unique body type. Based on extensive research that I conducted back in 2006 and 2007, the body type kits were created to show you the basics that you need for your body type. These kits contain tons of great advice and tools to build your perfect wardrobe – they've been quite popular over the years and there are only a few quantities left of the hourglass and rectangle body type. Take the body type quiz to determine what you are.

I hope you find what you need to help refresh your style. I spend a lot of time and thought putting these together for you and I've been told they make getting dressed so much easier.

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    These tools are the BEST. Through your artful lessons, I’ve got my wardrobe down! No more unsure buys, and frustration thanks to your method. Recently I used a personal shopper and found that in order to get what is great for me, I referred her to your work and this training. It’s magic, and you are fantastic. Keep going!

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