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is color or style more important when getting dressed?

what's more important? color or style?

If you had to choose between wearing the right color and wearing the right style for your personality, what would you choose?

I've thought about this a lot as it has come up many times when working with clients.  In an ideal world, wouldn't it be great if we found things that fit our body, our style, our budget AND in a color that looked amazing on us?  When we find those gems, we wear them to death because we feel amazing in them…like we don't have to try so hard to look good because it's so effortless. Unless we are expert seamstresses and can make our own creations, we are typically at the mercy of what we find in a store and making a choice between one of the aforementioned options.

If a style works for you and the color is wrong, it becomes ‘blah' and trust me, you won't feel good in it. If a style doesn't quite work for you, yet the color is amazing, I would seriously consider it. Like the picture of the gal in the red blouse above: the top does nothing for her but the color is perfect……I'd belt it to show off her silhouette a bit more.  Think of it this way: It's tough to change the color of a garment and much easier to fix a style either by hemming or belting or getting it altered in some fashion.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

Imagine finding a color that supported you in an important client meeting or that dazzled your date. There are such colors that can help you in every area of your life, that are unique to you.  Discovering those colors are key in building a wardrobe that you love and feel great in. If you want to discover your perfect colors, then join me on an adventure where I'll guide you in doing just that. It's my new course at The Shift Network and you can learn about it here and if you register for the free recording, you can join me tonight for a free Q&A!

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    Welcome back Teresa! I was randomly looking back at this blog and was so glad to find you posting again. I’m a girl in my late-thirties and absolutely love your blog, back then, still now. In fact, I sometimes sit and memorize whole chunks of your blog. Please give us more!

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