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If you're new here to Wardrobe 911, welcome! Since I'm a professional personal stylist, I love sharing fashion and style tips that are effortless, figure-flattering, and practical.  You won't find fashion runway reviews or celebrity fashion here – that's just not my thing.  What I really enjoy is writing about what and how to wear items for the everyday man and woman and providing some inspiration for looking great.

You'll discover articles that cover what to wear for our body types, events and activities that come up in our every day lives, and even what to wear for the various stages of our lives from starting our first job out of college, to going back to work after staying home with the kids, to juggling our careers and home, to retiring and starting a new chapter. There's something for everyone.

Here's a round-up of some interesting things you'll discover on Wardrobe 911:

Our most popular topics

Who knew we were all about relationships??

Where we were so, so, wrong:

Ankle booties – back in 2006 I declared these were out before they were in. It took those of us who already lived through the 80's  a while to warm up to these.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

One of our more popular search terms:

Some of our funnier posts

Well, I laugh anyways…

My favorite products and tips

Where to get advice + feedback

Whether you're interested in learning on your own or getting some advice, there are many ways we can help you:

  • Body type quiz – Arm yourself with the knowing your body type so you can make smart shopping decisions
  • Color temperature quiz – Are you warm or cool? Determine your dominant color temperature so you can create your core wardrobe effortlessly.
  • Wardrobe 911 Body Type eGuide – There are four body type versions which include key tips that cover the wardrobe essentials for each body type…new version coming soon!
  • Wardrobe 911 Core Wardrobe Palettes – Get your core wardrobe together with our palettes and 7-page wardrobe guide.
  • Submit a question or suggestion for the blog. You may even get picked as our Reader Question of the Week.
  • Make comments on the blog for input from our fabulous readers and stylists.
  • Transform your personal style through our online group courses.
  • Find-a-Stylist for some one-on-one help.  One of our most popular pages, you're able to find a stylist in your area that has been certified by Wardrobe 911.
  • Or even become a personal stylist! We provide the best, most thorough training and support — all online and accessible at any time.

And for those who've been with us a while, let me know what you'd like to see!

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  1. 1

    just found this blog a couple weeks ago, can’t get enough of it! i think i’ve read most of the articles now and i’m really loving it. thanks for all the stylish looks and the links to garments, love that.

  2. 2
  3. 3

    I love your blog I am always looking forward to the new posts. I would like to see

    – perfect coat (trench) for the rectangle
    – dresses and skirts for the rectangle mom on the go. I usually wear jeans I would love to
    – nice spring jacket for the rectangle
    – what bags you can invest in to have for a long time (colors) and what shapes work best for
    – how to wear scarves
    – what pant lengths work best for the 40+ and what could you wear instead.
    – how tho wear white jeans – what to look for. Is there a certain jeans what you find works
    best on the rectangle.

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