15 items, 20+ looks

15 items, 20+ outfits for fall, part 1

15 items 20 outfits fall

About a month ago, the New York Times ran an article about women who limited their wardrobes to 6 items for a full month. When some “dieters” started cheating because they couldn't go any longer, I think we can all understand why.  Regardless if the purpose was to be less consumer-focused, the point of only wearing 6 items really defeats the bigger purpose of having an active, workable closet that we love to wear.  We can certainly do without more in our closets!

So, what is the magic number? 15 items is really all you need to have to create a workable wardrobe.  Those 15 items don't include shoes because, well …darn, we probably have more than 15 pairs of shoes in our closet alone! 🙂 So here is some inspiration to help you think about what 15 items you have (or need) to create a multitude of outfits from.  For the next 4 days I'll share my picks.  Here's the first four:

1.  A layering vest or shell: A patterned version with all your basic neutrals that you're building your 15 items on, like this Alice + Olivia Navajo sweater vest, is perfect to build on.  You can wear it closed, with a belt, or open and it really is versatile, which you'll see in upcoming posts. Think about the cost per wear (CPW) when you invest in items like this and it's easy to see the value it provides.

2.  A neutral colored cowl neck top:  Flattering for all body types, get a neutral colored one in long sleeves for Fall like this gray cowl neck.

3. A neutral colored stretch wool pant:  Literally an all-season pant, these gray Theory Emery pants are perfect for work or play. The gray pants work well alone with the cowl top, with the cowl top + belt, or with the cowl top and vest.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

4.  A great belt:  I love this Madewell stretch belt because it forms to your body and the leather detail on front is great.  It works perfectly with the vest or alone with the cowl top.  If you can't wear belts, stay tuned for another option in the upcoming posts.

For shoes, gray or black booties would work well with the pants.  The ones shown are limited in sizes but are by Clarks in a black suede.

Total Outfits = 5:  1+3+4; 2+3; 2+3+4; 1+2+3+4; 1 (open) + 2+3

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    This 15-item series is brilliant. It covers all the bases–comfortable, stylish, and flattering for all ages and body types. It can also be used as a fabulous packing guide! Would you consider putting another collection together for spring/summer? Thanks very much.

  7. 8

    Mid 50s, but young at heart and not too shabby. Love the clothes the 20-30 somethings are wearing. I like the sequin skirt with t-shirt look. Usually wear jeans and t’s, but when necessary, love to dress up! Going to Vegas in March and looking for ideas for nights and day time without looking too much like a tourist, but not like I’m trying to dress like a 20 yo. Do not like skinny jeans, cropped pants, love heels. I like the casual look of jeans, boyfriend jacket and t, but that’s so usual. I usually wear jeans but am looking for something different. I can always fall back on the jeans for daytime. Tired of looking in stores at clothes that my 90 yo mother would wear! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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    Love this! I always have trouble putting clothes together, I’ll make a print out of this and put it next to my closet! Thanks!

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