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how to look beautiful in 1 minute or less

how to look beautiful in 1 minute

If you've ever been rushed to get out the door and don't have time to do your makeup, here are three must-do's from our friend and favorite makeup pro, Robert Jones:

  1. Curl your lashes + apply mascara – According to Robert, you MUST do this as they immediately open up your eyes and give them definition.  There are three basic eyelash curlers to choose from.  In Robert's recent (and fabulous!) book, “Looking Younger,” he mentions the basic crimp curler (left), the precision detailed curler (middle) and the heated curler (right.) The precision curler is great at getting all your lashes from left to right in one swoop — it also is great if you have short lashes.  The heated curler is meant to be used after you apply your mascara and is Robert's “must have.”
  2. Wear blush – It adds color to your face and makes you look alive. Robert recommends creme to powder blush and has created two great shades in collaboration with Three Custom Color.
  3. Apply lip gloss – You don't need to be exact with your application like lipstick so it's really easy to do. Wearing a nude lip gloss with a bit of color is the most flattering.  Robert has created a great lip gloss that isn't sticky — hurray!

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    My eyelashes are naturally curved and not terribly long, and I have never seen much benefit from lash curlers–for me, dark liner pencil at the roots, lightly smudged, and mascara are as good as it gets, short of falsies. My smaller, deep-set eyes also benefit from a shadowing–a good eyeshadow brush makes this so fast.

    I have naturally pink cheeks, so I am better off toning them down, too, with foundation–either cream or powder, depending on the season.

    So I say, for me, foundation, liner, mascara, lip gloss. Brow darkening, with the shadow, is a snap.

    The real trick to fast makeup is to have the best brushes (Sonia Kashuk’s premium line at Target is fine–I also have Bobbi Brown brushes, Body Shop brushes, etc.) My baseline set would be a fat blush brush, an eyelid width shadow brush, and a very thin, flat eyeliner brush.

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