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going gray: when to stop coloring your hair

when to stop coloring your hair
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About 18 months ago, I did a post on one woman's decision to eliminate her colorist and go gray. It has probably been one of the more popular posts here at Wardrobe 911 because it's frightening and empowering at the same time.  On one hand you are embracing the aging of your body yet on the other hand, you are finally giving in to the fact that you no longer look young. That can be really tough, especially when you still FEEL young.

So when is the right time to stop coloring your hair?  It's different for everyone.  Some never started coloring their hair.  Others let their gray grow out and then eventually start coloring it again.  Some do it around their 50th birthday.  Some never stop.

A beautiful hair color can enhance your looks, your coloring, and can be a true security blanket. So what do you do if you decide to stop coloring your hair? How do you hide the obvious outgrowth?

Well, I started going gray when I was 19. After 22 years of coloring my hair (I'm 41), I've made the not-so-easy decision to stop.  Why?  There are two reasons: one practical and the other more personal.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

One reason is that I hate spending 3 hours getting my hair colored every TWO weeks.  Most women touch-up their roots every 6 weeks.  About two years ago, I started having to do it every 4 weeks.  Last year, every 3 weeks.  And now?  I'm at my 2 week mark and I have an inch outgrowth.  Colormark's colorstick works great for now but anything over an inch will get trickier.

My second reason is that I really want to know what I look like with white/gray hair and a young face.  It's complete curiosity.  There is a lot of fear around it too – especially because of what I do for a living!  But after sitting down with a friend and having a long discussion about it, I realized I'm ready.  He even said “You know, there is something elegant and confident about a woman with gray hair who has a youthful demeanor. Gray hair doesn't make you old, how you feel about yourself does.”

So, with that I am completely excited about going gray.  How many of you are with me?  How many of you (regardless of age!) are ready to embrace your gray?  I'll post once a month on my progress (with pictures!) along with giving you pointers on how to do it gracefully. Check out the posts on going gray here.

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  1. 1

    How very timely for me! I was just at the salon today for my cut and color. It was about a week past my usual 5 weeks, so I could really see what my “real” color (or lack thereof) is at this point. As she painted my hair I wondered what I would look like if I let it go completely gray. I’m 46 and my face is fairly unscathed by time, although the spots on my hands would suggest someone older. I will be following you with great interest as you go through this transition. And maybe I’ll follow you down that path.

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Good for you, Teresa! I hope you’ll post a new photo when you’ve reached optimal grayness.

    As for me, after years of blonde highlights–I was a blonde baby, but am a natural medium-brunette–I’m yielding gradually to the gray. I’m now adding lowlights that allow some of the gray to reveal itself; since women in my family don’t go completely gray till they’re in their 70s, I figure I have plenty of time to play. And I do consider it play: I get touched up only every 8 weeks or so, which is not burdensome but rather a relaxing interlude.

  4. 4

    Good for you, Teresa! I do think this is brave of you but I bet you’ll be glad when the growing up process is over! I haven’t had an gray yet but I do think I’ll dye it until I’m about your age. My mom never colored her hair but I think I’ve like to enjoy my brunette hair for a while longer than she got to enjoy her’s. That said, silver always looked lovely on her! I’m curious to see your pictures as this chapter unfolds.

  5. 5

    I am at this very spot right now. I’ve been graying for years – it started out as a cool gray streak in the front, but is all over now. I have been coloring for years and it’s getting harder and harder to make it work.

    I look forward to following your progress and can’t wait for more inspiration.


  6. 6

    Best of luck with your new look.

    Like you I started to gray at 19 (though my mom swears she found gray hairs when I was 8) and am now 41. I never dyed it (too broke most years to justify the cost).

    Now it’s mostly white and hardly a day goes by that I don’t get stopped in the street by a stranger who wants to tell me how much they like my hair. Last week, a woman stopped her car to shout compliments from her window. It’s a day brightener to say the least. May you have the same experience.

    Good luck with it.


  7. 9

    I went the gray route several years back… I, too, was tired of the frequent touch-ups and wondered what I’d look like all gray. I started using “wash in” coloring that stayed in my hair for over a month at a time. I continued with that plan until I had cut all of the permanently dyed hair off. The coloring gradually wore off allowing the gray to “come in” a bit more naturally.

    • 10

      Duh! I never thought of that but it sounds like a really good solution! If u don’t mind my asking, exactly what product do you use??

  8. 11

    I’ve been turning grey since my 30’s, and now at 53 my hair is silver/white. I’ve had the same experience as Ukrainiac: I get compliments all the time, but I attribute a lot of the response to having a really good (short) haircut and using a product to make it shiny. Alberto VO5 for grey hair is one of my secrets and it’s a bargain 🙂

  9. 12

    wow! so nice to hear from everyone and about your wonderful experiences being silver-haired foxes. the transition will certainly be the hardest — thank you for the tips on wash-in color, lowlights and Alberto V05! I am sure there are more great tips out there and would love to hear them.

    and, blue — I call it colorstick because I get a kick out of calling it such. It is a liquid color that is applied via a magic wand. I love it.

  10. 13

    Great topic. I’ve been a light blond my whole life. At about 43 I played around with tints but eventually chopped and grew natural. I’m now 51. Here’s the weird thing, I don’t have white or gray appearance but each time it grows out it’s more, well, cool, ash. It’s very healthy and beautiful and all the same color (my touch up girlfriends say they are jealous) but I am very unhappy. My lifelong love with warm spring colors: green, peach, ivory, cocoa, now look completely dead with this dissonant crop. Anybody else have wardrobe color problems with these natural changes?!

  11. 15

    Wow…your gray post caught my eye.

    I decided “long ago” to “face reality” and let myself go gray. Why?

    One, I’m lazy and cheap. As you mentioned, it’s just too much work to keep up the color and also expensive.

    Two, I like reality, for the most part….I’ll need to face it sooner or later, why put it off?

    Once, however, after two trips to London in one summer, I felt “crazy” and put in a red rinse, except, I thought since my hair was long, I’d better keep it in longer than prescribed….Oopps, it never did wash out. I was a beautiful redhead for some time, yes, with unsightly gray roots. Ouch. I’ll never do that again.

    Thanks for opening up the discussion that so many of us try to avoid…being gray.

    Actually, when I was trying to make the decision to gray or not, I had a dream. In the dream some unknown person said to me, “Your hair isn’t gray. It’s silver!”

    Somehow silver seemed a bit more exotic and easier to accept.

    Be blessed on this lovely Wednesday!

  12. 16

    Great article.

    I too have been graying so early in life. I only go grey in the bangs area of my hair, so it’s right up front where everyone sees it. So, I got a Bettie Page hairdo, and that hides most of my grey, however now, it’s starting to grow longer in other areas of my hair.

    I dye it about twice a year, however like you, it grows so fast, that it doesn’t matter for long.

    I’ve been carrying around the name Silvermane, for years now, and many people love my hair, I hate it. I hope to one day be comfortable with it.

    I turn 35 in three days, and I am single with six kids. The dating world is unforgiving, I have no idea what to do. Perhaps I’ll go and dye it a few more times…

    I can’t wait to see your pictures, I visit this blog everyday!

  13. 17
  14. 18

    Thank you,
    I recently turned 50 and was wondering when to stop coloring my hair. I look 38 or so and did not have my first child until 41 when I thought I looked old enough to have a kid. I figured I would use that same gauge on letting my hair go natural.
    Will be checking back to see your progress.

  15. 19

    I stopped coloring and perming my hair this year and it has been a very interesting experience. My hair was shoulder length and honey/brown/blonde. Although the color was beautiful, the dye job upkeep was expensive. In January I cut my hair very short and stopped coloring it. The reaction to the new me has been much more positive than I expected. I have had my share of ugly comments; but the overall response has much more positive than negative. I have been stopped on the street, approached in the mall, and yelled at from a car. Each of these people just wanting to let me know that they loved my hair. Now, that I am used to the grey, I embrace the freedom. I just wonder if I’ll start coloring my hair again…

    • 20

      Can you tell me how you have your hair cut? I too am considering stopping the dying (first grey hair at 16 and have been colouring it since I was about 27 and am now 41). I have gone from long to shoulder length but am really scared about cutting it off and going grey but think the time to do it is coming round!

  16. 21

    wow — you ladies are inspiring!
    suzzane b, one of my friends is white on the left side of her bangs. She cut them short and then parts her hair on the right and covers it up. When she wants to show her edgy side, she flops her long bangs back over so that the shorter white bangs peek out. It looks really cool!!

    and, ava — don’t color your hair because the pain of growing it out is too much. instead, get a custom made hairpiece (eg wig) for those days you want your old color back. 🙂

  17. 22

    I made a similar decision this year. At 41 I was tired of 3 hours in “the chair” every three weeks to cover that white/gray/silver halo that appeared around my face too soon after the hair appt. So I went cold turkey with the coloring and took a more extreme approach to transitioning. I grew it out about an inch and a half and then went with a super-short haircut. The results: 1) I receive more compliments on my hair and hair color than I ever had before. 2) No one has said I look old or tired. 3) I love the way I look. For me, it was a great decision and I don’t have any urge to “run for the bottle” and color my hair.

  18. 23

    This is great, I’ve been toying with the idea to let it just go too.
    I’ve been seeing some really up to date women around our town with what I thought was platinum hair color back in style, but sounds like they just let it go silver/gray. I’ve been going gray for a while now and you do get awfully sick of the hair appts. and how quickly they seem to need to be made again.

    Good Luck and it seems you have found quite an audience with the same attitude.

  19. 24

    What wonderful support and ideas for transitioning! I am a 60 y.o olive-skinned,Italian brunette so-ooo ready to stop coloring, but so apprehensive of the process and time it will take to get to a full head of gray! Frankly, I’ve seen other women my age or younger who have stopped coloring, and for what seemed like a year look not very attractive and rather “ungroomed”. But you have given me hope. As soon as warmer weather arrives, I plan to take the plunge beginning with a short do. Wish me luck!

  20. 25

    Congrats! I stopped coloring my hair last September. I had long, dark hair and now I have white/gray hair on top and mostly dark hair on the bottom. After letting it grow out for about 6 months, I finally had the color part chopped off completely. Yes, it’s made me look older. I did it because I had left work on a medical leave and knew I would be out for about a year. I thought it would be a good time to see what I look like with gray hair. My sister, a hair stylist since I was 12 (I’m 42 now) discouraged me from doing this dastardly deed. But I didn’t listen. I love how healthy my hair feels. After getting most of the gray grown out, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. I discovered that there is a theory that being exposed to hair dye could be something that either causes my condition or might make my condition worse. I thought how ironic that I decided to stop coloring my hair before I was actually diagnosed. But here I am. I’m 42, a widow for 2 years with a 7 yr old child and I’m about 80% gray on top/front with a very white strip on my part, and almost no gray on the back of my head.

  21. 26

    I AM IN THE PROCESS of LETTING MY HAIR GO gray,I’ve been coloring it for years.I can’t where it short as I would like because the gray was always showing around my ears.The roots are about an inch.I
    just turned 64 this month so i said let’s try it.But sometimes I feel I should color it because I dont want to look old.PEOPLE SAY I LOOK IN MY 50’S NOW.SO I’M HAPPY FOR YOU AND I HOPE I MAKE IT TOO.GOOD LUCK. ggOOD lUCK

  22. 27

    I am so tierd of coloring my hair & it washes out really fast,after a couple shampoos & I’ve spent a fortune on hair products for color treated hair.When it washes out it is to light,an ugly yellow/no color/reddish color.I hate going anywhere like that,I would haft to color it every week or 2 to keep color in it.Most color goes on to dark,then washes right out.What is this wash in color these ladies are talking about? I’d love to stop coloring my hair if I could get the nerve.Any suggestions? Thanks

  23. 28

    This is the PERFECT website for me! I’m almost 57 and have colored my hair for so many years, I don’t even know what my natural color is. What I DO know is that in between colorings (about every 4 weeks), I see quite a bit of gray. I’ve been toying with the idea of just letting it grow out. I wear it very short and have colored it a honey brown forever. The transition will be difficult, and I’m not looking forward to that part, but I can’t wait to see what it actually looks like. The only thing I can think of that will make me return to the bottle will be if they gray is unruly and I can’t control it. I’ll keep checking back to see how you’re doing! Thanks for the encouragment!!!

    • 29

      Hi Ruth! What I found after coloring my hair for 20 years was that my natural gray (platinum) hair is SOFTER – not unruly at all. I hope you get through the transition because it’s much better on the other side. 😉

  24. 30

    What a great find. I just decided to go gray and was wondering if anyone had tried dying their hair white until the natural gray/white takes over.

    • 31

      Hi Cindy – you can go blonde but there is no such thing as white dye. White hair is the absence of color so you would have to strip your hair to remove the pigments. Stripping your hair is damaging and you can only go up 2 levels from your current hair color – plus, stripping your hair can cause it to turn yellow or orange. So, it’s best to wait it out.

  25. 32

    I am so thankful to find this site. I am 62 and so tired of the
    I want to be free of the frequent
    appointments and I want to be free
    of the world telling me,I need to
    color, to stay youthful looking.
    There are so many beautiful women
    that I see every day with gray hair.
    My plan is to use a wash in color until this spring and my best friend(a beautician) said she will cut it short to hurry the change along. She also no longer colors her hair.

  26. 33

    I am 54 and have about 50% or more gray hair. I go to the salon every three weeks, but I have decided to go lighter so that the gray will be less noticeable as it grows in and plan to eventually go gray. This is my early transition to letting go of the coloring process. Also, I feel as if I am allergic to hair color as I get very itchy after color, so I am now going to the Aveda Salon, that has helped me. Hopefully the gray will be a nice color, but changing to a lighter color has also changed what colors look well on me, as well as makeup choices. Make up has gotten simpler, not much eye shadow, liner, lipstick/liner and a little blush.

  27. 34

    Hi, I too, am tired of color. I have been in hairdressing for years and have every color in the rainbow! I am very petite, and can wear pixie cuts well. I kinda have it now. Needs a good cut. i have had dark ash brown now for about 1 and a half. Matches well with the grey black coming. I have had platium for years .I liked it alot but hard work! Most people think I look better dark. i think I want to try the grey thing. I am thinking aboput chopping my hair off to about 1 inch long. It still will have a little color in it..but not much. I am 60 years old. I am very edgy!!!!!!!!!! Need to be stylish.

  28. 35

    I’m so glad to hear that i was not the only one w/early graying 19 for me and now 43.My family has early graying my mom is 60 and she is gray/white.I myself feel so much better with having my hair done it definatly makes me feel alot better about myself.I guess I do’nt have as much confidence as the other ladies,Enjoy your natural beautiful hair.

  29. 36

    I’m 60, from my ears forward my hair is white and behind that pepper and salt. I was naturally a burnette. At the advise of my older girl friends and a job change a few years ago when I worked for younger guys, I started coloring my hair again after going years without. Due to financial and just “tired” of the time, etc. I keep telling my husband I’m going to “buzz” my hair. It is now about one inch grown out, the rest is light golden blonde/brown. I do have several wigs from a very bad hair cut experience a few years ago that I also tell my husband I’m thinking about wearing again. It was good to read your experiences. I used to be told my hair remined people of EmmyLou’s; I’m ready for it but just think outgrown roots look very unprofessional! I’m currently using a color pen, but the gray shows through, especially on Florida windy days. But the 1 1/2″ idea is what I’m likely going to do; and my wigs of various colors and styles, including a should length gray one that looks very much like my hair did about four to five years ago.

  30. 37

    So thankful I found this site and read all the encouraging remarks about the same big decision I know I need to make. I’ll be 68 this year and have always been told I look at least 10 years younger. Mother and grandmother dyed their hair black until they were 80. I’m giving up the bottle, I’ve made up my mind and with your website it will make it easier. I’ll be checking your site weekly. Thanks

    • 38

      Visit the “going gray looking great” website. Lots of support for those who choose to go natural. It’s the new revolution!

  31. 39

    I am 65 and have been blonde all my life, or so I THINK I was blonde. In my teens, my mom decided my beautiful blonde hair was becoming “dirty blonde”. Fortunately, I have had wonderful hairdressers that have kept me a “beautiful blonde color”. THEN, in the last 3 years, I started having bald spots and major thinning. This did not happen until I started having to put color on the roots to cover the gray. After having all the medical test to determine why I was losing my hair – all was could it be the color? 6 months ago, I started the process of no color. It has been one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. I have always been told how “YOUNG” I look. Honestly, I am still nervous about “embracing” my age. Everytime I get tempted to color, I try to remember that God is a wonderful artist, so surely He knows the best color for me at this time in my life. I, too, am struggling with my color wardrobe. Colors that I have worn in the past just drab me out. Thank you, ladies for the encouragement. I am trying to tune out the well meaning friends that say, “Oh, but you look so beautiful blonde!” One more thing – my hairdresser has made sure I have a very stylish cut!! And, my son-in-law told me he loved my hair, I looked so sophisticated!

  32. 40

    All your comments have been very interesting to read as I am in a quandry as to what to do about my rapidly greying hair. I am 57 years old but quite young at heart! I am naturally blonde and have coloured my hair for more years than I can remember! I am quite white around my ears and on my parting but darker at the back. I find that when I colour my hair these days it doesn’t seem to hold on the white although it doesn’t really look unattractive. However, I have recently grown the colour out about 2 inches because part of me thinks it is pointless to keep colouring it when it doesn’t stay in anyway but the other part of me is worried about the kind of older look it will give me. Also, my hairdresser says it will look a bit strange when the line reaches my ears! I had my hair cut yesterday and I have almost decided to go and buy another colour! Such a hard decision to make!

  33. 41
  34. 42

    I recently told my husband that when I reached 90, I would stop coloring my hair.For years I dyed it myself, but I started going to a beauty school near me, and they do a good job for a reasonable price. I’m fair skinned and was blonde as a child, so my hair is a dark blonde. People say I look younger than I am (86).After reading all of the above, maybe I’ll quit sooner. I love the look of white hair, but don’t know if mine will be white or grey.

  35. 43

    Has anyone consider “reverse frosting”? Letting it go gray/white and then highlighting or frosting with a light brown or champayne blonde, etc. ? I’m wondering if that would be less maintenance without going completely gray? It might be an every 3-4 month process rather than weeks.

  36. 44

    Hi – I hope you will update some of your going gray looking great tips from the upcoming seminar on this site for us silver babes. Thanks

  37. 45

    I have coloured my hair on and off over the years, but since my hair is a shiny dark brown with red under tones, I didn’t really worry about colour. Now I’m almost 30 and have more than 10 grey strands on my head, I decided to never colour again. To be honest, the first grey hair did freak me out a bit, because I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Now I feel I have earned the grey and I’m so proud of being a strong, confident woman who has more than looks to depend on. Hooray for the silver foxes!!!

  38. 46

    Great to hear all this information and to know others are trying to do what I’m doing! I’m about 6 weeks and an inch or so into the transition from dark roots with highlights to either natural gray or gray with lowlights. My hairsstylist started by doing a really thorough highlight of my whole head (pulling hair through a cap), which essentially made me blonde. It was a big change, but it made the root line less distinct, and, since I had previously had the highlights, it wasn’t too, too shocking. Since then, she hasn’t colored the roots, but has added some dark into the gray roots to “blend” it. Tomorrow, the plan is to use temporary color on the roots for some lowlights. She wants to keep doing that till the blond and other colors grow out, then let the temporary color fade and see what the natural color looks like. I’m almost 57 abnd have wanted to do this for a long time, but am in an event band, and some people think it’s a mistake to go gray because it will be more obvious that I am my real age. I would love to escape what I call the “tyranny of the roots” (every two weeeks),so I really want to be either natural or just tweak it with lowlights. Thanks for all the ideas and support!

  39. 47

    I let my hair go gray several years ago and really like it. However my hair has always been fine and thin and the gray only seems to accentuate it. I have looked now for several years and have not found a pull thru wig product to help me in the areas where I need it (sides). If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate them.

  40. 48

    At the age of 16 years, I developed a Morticia Streak. It’s been a struggle. Then, I started going into early menopause and–gasp–my hair has gone wildly curly! I’ve decided to stop coloring and straightening my hair and let it be as Nature intends…At the age of 46 years, I am watching my natural hair of very dark brown with thick white stripes emerge beyond the dye and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  41. 49

    I am 47 and had very wavy, waist-length medium brown hair with a rather red hue. For the last 25 (or more) years, I’ve colored my hair from brown to red and back. After spending countless dollars and hours on my hair and developing blister-like reactions to the dye, I decided that it was time to go natural.

    I’ve since cut about 10 inches off my hair to get rid of the dry, lifeless ends, and after a little more than a year of being color free, my hair is in better condition than I can ever remember – even my curls are more defined. My skunk-stripe is just below my cheek bone and I’m trimming the golden highlights away as quickly as I can without sacrificing any more length. I’m hopeful that by my 50th birthday that I will be completely transitioned. My 7 and 4 year-olds both like “Mommy’s sparkly hair,” and so do I!!

  42. 50

    hi so good to see how trendy for silver hair is so in i. saw a few younger girls with this trend in glasgow city so its great to be liberated from the bottled. hair dye my hair can breath again and with a good conditioner it is so full of luster. glad to view all the other comments as thet say in scotland ta very much mags

  43. 51

    I am 9 weeks into my grow out, but I have a plan. (a hairpiece, yikes!) My husband has requested that I do not cut it, but camouflage it until a later reveal in a year or so. (he is my manager and producer, I have my little website, but am a contributor on some some our other tv projects.)
    You are an inspiration for sure. I so wish my hair grew fast, I am barely 1/2 inch a month. My body builder son is tweaking my diet, it is a family affair I guess.
    Im almost 42 and will be very similar to your colors of white and gray. I cant wait. ~m

  44. 52

    All of your responses have been so helpful to me. I am 62 years old and have the white roots and all. My mother and my sister both had beautiful white hair when they were older. I have been wanting to go natural for a few months now but my beautician always talks me out of it. Everyone is stunned when I tell them my age and I feel even if my hair is gray or white that I’m still young on the inside. I have a hair appointment tonight and I’m ready to say “no more color”. It’s too time consuming and expensive. I have better things to do with my life than sit in a beauty shop for hours on end damaging my hair! Wish me luck!

    • 53

      Kathie, I could have written your post. I’m headed to my hair dresser tomorrow and I know she will try to talk me into coloring my hair again. I will turn 62 in November and I feel it’s time stop. One problem is that I have three older sisters who aren’t gray and I don’t want to look older then they do!!

      How is it going with you?? I am apprehensive but excited to embrace my gray. Tell me it’s not that hard.

  45. 54

    Made my decision to go gray. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and sitting in a salon chair for 2 hours was too much. For years I vowed I’d never go gray not so much now. I have about an inch in and I’m not looking forward to the transitional stage but I’m biting the bullet and moving forward..

  46. 55

    It’s great to find this site! Two years ago I had my hair buzzed (medical reason)and it grew back salt and pepper in the back, and white around my face. I wore wigs until my hair grew into a short pixie. My gray hair felt wonderful, but I definitely looked older and people were no longer shocked to hear my age (I’m now 62). I started coloring again about six months ago and sure enough, I definitely looked younger but it’s HORRIBLE to be a slave to the bottle again. I just had my hair cut in a very short pixie and this time I’m staying gray! It’s been 5 weeks since I last colored my hair. The short pixie should really help with the growing out process. Once you feel how lovely your natural hair is, dyed hair becomes intolerable. Looking a little older is a small price to pay for beautiful, healthy hair. Wishing all a happy, healthy New Year!

    • 56

      I coloured my hair for as long as I care to remember. Three years ago I stopped colouring it and I loved my new natural high lighted look. Everyone told me how nice it was and that it made my blue eyes stand out more. It was lovely not having the hassle of waiting for colour to take and wasting time in the bathroom with a plastic shower cap on my dyed hair so to avoid getting the wet dye all over my neck etc. My only problem is, I reluctantly coloured it dark brown a year ago. It was my husband’s birthday and I asked him what he wanted, he requested that I colour my hair again. Big mistake, although I look a bit younger, I felt happier with my hair in its natural state. I have an inch of speckled root showing that I am tempted not to cover up, I will be 50 next year so having grey hair is acceptable to me even if it isn’t to my husband. My dilemma is, do I have my shoulder length hair cut short and start again, I feel like shaving it off and wearing a wig until it has grown again. My hair dresser has said no colour will look right as I would have to have it bleached to lighten it first and then still keep colouring it to lighten it and will hate the months just waiting for it to happen and most likely won’t be happy with the colour changing process. I want my grey hair back but want it overnight. If you have grown colour out of your hair and feel tempted to colour it again, my advice is, do not do it. Life is too short, be happy with your new look, lots of beautiful women look even more beautiful with silver in there hair, let’s all join them!!!

  47. 57
  48. 58

    I am 2 weeks past my color date. My colorist has been going lighter with my hair color so the gray growth between coloring appts. is less noticable. I am done! I can’t stand going any more. I am not going to get my hair colored again. My husband isn’t too happy about it, but he will get over it!!

  49. 59

    I’ll be 59 this year and made the decision last year to go natural. I too was tired of “chasing roots.” I started by going with a shorter cut. My stylist gave me a colored mousse product to help with the grow out period. My son said the grey makes me look old but it is what it is. My husband still has head full of dark hair so I’m afraid people will think I’m his mother. Still yet, I love the freedom of not having to worry about coloring.

  50. 60

    I just came across this great conversation and it appears to have ended a year ago. Just wondering how everyone has done with their new looks? I have been in the process for about six months and so far so good.

  51. 61

    I am 49. I’ve been coloring hair for about 32 years. I’ve been toying with goung gray, but daughter, and of course hairdresser disagreed. So I colored it a while longer. My fiance on the other hand wants me to as well. I don’t know why I didn’t assiciate all those chemicals with medical problems..duh..on my part. I as well have 2 autoimmune diseases. I don’t think my transition will be so hard. I have blonde/gray hair..currently died auburn, but what gray that is showing is blending in nicely. I have relatively long hair. The onlt trouble I see is where I hennaed at the bottom. Stubborn stuff won’t come out. Have new makeup ready to go. On another plus, I have been co-washing for the last 2 years, and it seems to have left me with some black underneath. Like this for added definition. Don’t know where the black hair came from. Good luck all!

  52. 62

    So, the questions is…

    Two compliments:

    1. You look so young for your age!
    2. Your hair is so beautiful! If my hair would look like that I would go natural. How do you get that color? I wish my wife would go natural.

    And I say… What is wrong with looking older? What is wrong with being older? Yes, I know… I live here too in this youth obsessed culture created by the companies that profit greatly from preying on our insecurities that they help create by advertizing all of their products that will supposedly correct our flaws. But is is difficult to go against the grain, to be empowered, because many do not “get it.” But do we really care about them? I know sometimes we do because they are a mirror. It takes a brave woman, a strong, woman, and a warrior to have this strength. So if you do make this choice, and when you come across these negative mirrors, remember that you are a warrior; and find another mirror. One that get’s it! 😉

  53. 63

    Got LOTS of grey !!!
    Not too worried ,and hubby loves it !
    But how to make it shiny/silky/soft ??
    It is very dry and coarse!!
    Feels like a brillo pad !
    But defo not colouring again !
    Any advice ???

    • 64

      If you use a blonde/gray toning shampoo such as Jhirmack, only use it 1-2 times a month as it can dry out your hair. I use coconut oil shampoo that I got at a health food store and then a deep conditioner and my hair is super soft. I do the purple Jhirmack shampoo twice a month to keep the yellow out.

  54. 65

    This is so awesome. I started going grey at 18 althought “grey” is a misnomer because the best I could describe it is a sparkly white. I am so tired of being a slave to coloring my hair and frankly I am also curious how I would look with my white hair!! I think I’m done coloring; owning my hair color!

  55. 67

    Hello! I have been on the fence with the same decisions…53 years old and surrounded by 30 somethings in my workplace. My natural color is sandyblond but I have been dying my hair in the reds for the past 15 years as I have frecles on my face…I am also tired of going to the hairdresser’s and paying tons of money or asking my sister to help dye my hair at home….I have just made an appointement with my hair dresser to remove the colour from my hair and to add toner blond or grey to speed up the process of going more natural…and seeing if I can get used to it. I am also very worried of my skin looking sallow and chalky…I guess well see later this week.
    Thank you for posting your story. It gave me the positive push I needed to do this.

  56. 69

    My friend is turning 50. She used to be a dark brown, she has slightly tan color skin. Well she decided to go blonde and a dark color in the back underneath. And her birthday is coming up and she has had it with her new growth which is mostly white (maybe platinum blonde) We have considered semi permanent, a rinse (which is kinda scary to do cause she sweats and don’t want it to drip). So I’ve been researching it and found that some highlight and low light to make the new growth blend in. And I would like some info on how to achieve that. Can’t afford a salon so it’s a diy project that I’m researching for her any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  57. 70

    I am so excited to go grey i am 55 and have started to let my hair grow out i am 1/2 inch in to the project thanks for the uplifting stores grateful janicee

    • 71

      Hi Janice. I hope your grey is going well. I had very dark thick hair and when I was going grey, I did foils firstly in blonde and then as the grey became more obvious, my hairdresser just mixed a few browns in. After a few years, my hair was thick, silver and shiny. I am always complimented on it and happy to say that it is so easy to care for. A trim every 4-5 weeks and that’s it. Deciding to go grey was scary but also one of the most liberating things to do at 60. Good luck

  58. 72

    Hi,I to have been dying my hair for years also. And am tired of it.I am 58.
    About five years ago I stopped dying it .I have dark brown hair and my grey was silver. It was quite stunning as I look back at my pictures.
    Don’t know why I ever went back to it. Anyway I am trying it again.Question.Will my nice silver come back?

  59. 74

    Hi, I am 76 and want to look good for my age. Firstly, my hair was very dark brown until my 50/60s ….. Now it is medium brown, with strands of Grey…. Have you any ideas to brighten my hair up….. Many thanks …

    • 75

      Hi Cynthia — Blue is the complement to orange (the hue of brown) and a Blue shampoo (like Aveda’s Blue Malva) could do just the trick. If you’re looking for something more immediate, then could always have your hairdresser tone it to brighten it. I think just using a blue shampoo once a week would do the trick though.

  60. 76
  61. 77
  62. 79

    Why did the posts stop after the transition? They should come in more now. You are a model for a stunning transition to sexy white.

    • 80

      Thanks Jean…that is very kind. If there’s a particular topic of what to wear with silver hair that you’d like to see, let me know and I’d be happy to cover it.

  63. 81

    I would love to see what to wear for formal wear, evening gowns, dresses, and jewelry (dressing up) for silver hair. Love actual pictures with silver beauties and models not just the clothes/items.

  64. 82

    I’m in my late thirties and decided to let my grey hair shine for the last few years. I have a baby face/youthful appearance and take care of myself. It was very liberating to finally not be bound to the chains of having to color my hair so often in fear of greys. Work wise I am very competent and confident in my abilities and don’t feel it hinders my appearance. If anything a lot of stylists tell me how lucky I am the way it is so evenly distributed- it’s like I had it professionally done. I actually think it looks pretty and use shampoo that is specially made for grey hair to help with the shine. I guess I stepped up and owned it and have no regrets. I used to think it really depended on the person if they can wear it well. I love when I see youthful adults with grey hair. I don’t think of it as old as much as I think if it as having to do with genetics. As women we need to support one another in our desire to go grey and be determined to wear it well!

  65. 84

    I spent four months this summer in Alaska. I decided I would let my hair grow out to gray. One, because I was spending the time in an RV and two, it was a perfect time to do this. I saw no one I knew for all those months. I LOVE my freedom of not dyeing my hair every three weeks. I call it my “Wisdom Hair”! I am a girl from the hippy generation and this is better than burning my bra.
    Everything has a BUT. BUT, my hair has no body. I’m trying gels but to no avail, by the end of the day I look droopy. Never had that problem before. Any advice???
    Thanks, Carol Baker

    • 85

      Gels are heavy. Use a leave in conditioner. Aveda has an amazing line for all hair types. Home remedies would include less than little bit of coconut oil, or once a week acv rinse (1 part acv, 2 parts water) this gets rid of build up on the scalp. Rose petal water is very nourishing for the hair and scalp too, as is aloe Vera plant gel

      Good luck, I am with you on this!!

  66. 86

    Just ran across this website. I’ve used box dye for 40+ years. Currently am 52. For the last few years I have used henna on my hair. I figured it was healthier for me, but I didn’t do complete research though. It has to grow out! You can’t go lighter, and I picked Auburn red! I started my endeavor March 2016. I am now about 90% gray. It was very hard with the dreaded demarcation mark in my hair. I almost caved several times. I stuck it out and have beautiful..I think healthier hair. Wish my sisters would, but they will probably color their hair indefinitely.

    • 87

      Love to see pics of your new gray hair with transition from auburn red. What was your natural color?

  67. 88

    I am 48, just discovered my first gray hair at my temple. I proudly left it it there. I’ve always looked younger than my years .. my hands show the years of work and labour and stress! I have ALWAYS done blonde highlites, half head, in hopes of seeing when I go gray near my back neckline. It’s now July and I had highlites done in November … recently, I decided, no more hair dye or cuts.. let it grow and see what awesomeness comes of it …. who would’ve thought gray IS IN!!! Can’t wait to see results in a year!

  68. 89

    I am 56 and have been coloring for 25 years since I first went gray. My natural hair color was a light black so I’ve used black color for what seems like forever. I switched to semi-permanent 6 months ago and have not dyed now for 4 weeks (I used to have to dye every 10 to 14 days to keep the roots neat). I have about an inch of white growth – a very unattractive skunk stripe – which I am covering with a powder. I have a short bob but would like to go to a pixie cut and start from there but my husband has begged me to not cut any more length – so I told him he will have to get used to the skunk stripe! I can’t wait until I have grown out or cut off all of the dye and have a head of silver…

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