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fun statement jewelry

statement jewelry

Let's face it….a tee and jeans or a simple dress are boring without adding some personality. The best way to show your style is with some fun statement pieces. Items that you can wear everyday. So here's some ideas for inspiration:

  • Statement Frida Collar Necklace. This is hefty. It hits at the perfect spot with triangular turquoise stones anchoring the chains at either end. Looks awesome with a simple tee or dressed up for a night out. I'd wear this everyday!
  • Turquoise Leather Wrap Bracelet. Dainty yet adds to nice width on your wrist so it's perfect for summer days of sleeveless tops. It wraps around your wrist 6 times and is secured with a big brass enclosure.
  • Leather Cuff Bracelet. I like this. Very simple yet sturdy and cool. Wear it with everything and anything you want to add an edge to. The price is amazing. In fact, Novica has tons of amazingly cool and well-priced bracelets so you should definitely check them out.
  • Green Agate Cigar Ring. This is definitely statement and perfect for wearing every day. The stone itself will cover the part below your knuckle. And the color will certainly add some spice to whatever you're wearing.
  • Green Amethyst Cocktail Ring. This is probably more of a “night out” ring but it really doesn't matter if you're wearing a tank and jeans or a simple dress – it's going to steal the show.

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