lori lutton, cps

Personal Stylist

Areas Served: Boston, the North Shore, and Beyond

Services Offered: Personal Style Consultation, Professional Style Consultation, Color Analysis, Closet Sweep, Personal Shopping, Outfit Coordination, Makeup 101

Certification: CPS, Wardrobe 911

Fees: Hourly

Website: www.dressedinc.com


For years working on the forefronts of fashion and beauty in cities around the world, I was in my element with a downtown style and upbeat smile. Fast forward through the next decade. Figure – gone. Style – do yellow Crocs count? Priorities – sleep, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. I didn’t just look frumpy, I felt frumpy. And frumpy just wasn’t me. I was lost in a closet full of nothing to wear.

Enter the big revelation. Personal style isn’t about compromise. It’s about cooperation. So wear clothes that you like and that like you back. Armed with these golden rules, I found my way back to my happy place. And I also found a purpose. I was inspired to create a service that shares my personal experiences and professional background to help busy women look great. You’ll find that when your clothes are a perfect fit on the outside and an expression of who you are on the inside, getting dressed is effortless every time.

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