cara henderson

cropped_pic_1vgpPersonal Style Consultant

Areas Served: San Francisco Bay Area, Newport Beach/Orange County

Services Offered: Personal Style Consult, Professional Style Consult, Closet Sweep, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling + Outfits, Personal Color Analysis, Style Workshops

Certification: Wardrobe 911

Fees: Hourly rate



Cara Henderson has been enhancing people’s images in the fashion industry for over ten years creating and styling wardrobes for tv and print advertising campaigns at Gap, Inc. She has collaborated with many of the top photographers, models and commercial directors in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In her positions in marketing and advertising, she helped produce award-winning style television commercials, photo shoots and fashion shows. As head of the fashion product team, Cara oversaw the creation of thousands of outfits and looks, while providing training, mentoring and guidance to young stylists and fashion coordinators. In addition to her many years’ experience working in Marketing and Advertising, she has also worked in Public Relations and retail management.

Cara’s straightforward and honest approach helps guide her clients on the styles and colors that bring out the best in them.  Her style philosophy is based on building a wardrobe of good basics that are classic enough to last over the years and interpreting seasonal trends based on what styles and colors enhance a client’s figure and personal coloring. Cara works with you to develop your personal style that doesn’t follow fashion trends and dictates, but a style that integrates your lifestyle and personality.  Anyone can refine their image and enhance their life and it can be done on any budget.

As founder of Cara Henderson Style Consulting, Cara provides style consulting to individuals in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.  Cara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing from USF.

Client Testimonials

Cara is wonderful, and incredibly knowledgeable about which styles work, which textures and patterns look best for the season, and how to put separate pieces together. After sifting quickly through my closet, she helped me compose original, trendy and classic outfits– pairing tops, pants, skirts and sweaters in surprising, exciting ways. She then went to work adding belts, jewelery, handbags, and shoes. After several sessions with Cara, I feel as though I had a completely new, and up-to-date, wardrobe. Thank you Cara!

Claudia Cowan, Fox News Channel Reporter

Having Cara consult me on the styles, cuts, and colors that work best for me has definitely given me a new prospective on how to shop and pull my wardrobe together. She has a great eye for what works and what doesn’t and is helpful, direct, and honest in giving advise on what is currently in my closet, and provided some great suggestions on what is missing. Just one session with Cara has made a big impact.

Kristin R. , Director of Finance

I had always been insecure when it came to picking out clothes. Cara did more than help choose a wardrobe, she gave me confidence in terms of what I should pick out.

Lisa E., Physician Assistant

You are the best, Cara!! Thank you so much! I enjoyed the whole experience and learned so much! My husband loved the outfits.

Susan F., Sr. Executive, Financial Consulting Firm

Cara’s advice really helped me with my everyday struggle: a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

I had two sessions with Cara: The first session was a style consultation in which Cara helped me understand which styles and colors suit my body type and skin, and also helped me define what my personal style is (yes- I do have one, who would have thought!). In the second session we went shopping together and bought a couple of items that quickly have become my favorite pair of trousers, shirts and accessories, as they flatter me. The items that we bought together can be combined into a number of different outfits and complemented with items that I already had in my wardrobe. Also, now when I go shopping I am much more efficient, as I know which styles I should try on and what I should directly discard. I also have a better view off my wardrobe and what I need to shop for, so now I have a bunch of outfits that I can wear and make me feel confident and beautiful.

I highly recommend Cara as a stylist as she really understood what is important to me and also adapted to my budget. She was 150% dedicated in her service (she had picked out items before we went to the store so we maximized our time together), she is honest in giving feedback and advice and also encouraging when it comes to trying new things, and she has an agreeable personality nice to work with. I will benefit from what I learned in those hours every time I go shopping from now on. Thanks!

Natalie D., MBA Candidate Stanford University/ Business Consultant

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