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fab workout wear

Uh-em, lounge wear.  Here in our little oasis of San Francisco, lululemon has imported its fresh styles from their home base in Canada.

The sales clerks wear cute yoga style pants, colorful tanks and flip-flops (I'm sure the winter wardrobe is a tad different) and they are enormously educated in all things athletic wear, including the most darling tennis wear.  The jackets (Baja, $98, pictured right) are so divine you can get away with wearing them with jeans and look tres chic.

What's even more cool, they literally thought of everything that a woman would need: from a hidden inside pocket for your “running key” to cuffs that turn down to keep your hands warm.  What's more, most zippers include a pull that can also be used as a hair band.  Love it.

silver hair masterclass Wed Aug 9!

lulu lemon
1981 Union Street (at Buchanan)
San Francisco CA

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