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Have a suggestion for a post or want to be considered for our Reader Question of the Week?

Every week we like to take a reader question and answer it. Of course it can be about what to wear but we want to delve a little deeper if you will allow us. Perhaps friends have told you that you seemed mean when they first met you — even if you’re the nicest person you know! Or perhaps you’re wondering why you’re getting overlooked at work. (93% of the message we send is in what is NOT said.) Or perhaps you’ve just finished going through a big life transition and you don’t know where to start when it comes to launching your new style. Ask a question here and make sure to tell us about yourself a bit and include a picture of you. We won’t post your picture if you don’t want us to.

The answers will not be all-encompassing because that work is reserved for our private clients, but we’ll at least get you pointed in the right direction and provide some recommends to get you thinking.