men’s style: father’s day

what to wear father's day

Father’s Day provides a great opportunity to update my husband’s summer wardrobe, and I bet most of you are thinking the same thing. Of course, my husband loves the crafty items my sons make for him, but he also doesn’t mind some new clothes and accessories. This is an easy look to pull together for

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men, shopping rx

hip winter hats for guys + gals

hats for men and women

Although the myth was debunked by researchers that we lose most of our heat through our heads, it’s still a good idea to keep your head warm during the cold months of winter so your ears don’t fall off or whatnot. If you haven’t worn a hat in while, now is the time to start

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men’s style: get that don draper swagger

men's pool outfit

A few guys mentioned to me they’d like to see something that’d give them that Don Draper swagger after seeing yesterday’s post. So here’s one for the guys who plan on sitting by the pool this weekend drinking a Gin and tonic: Ben Sherman is the go-to line for all things mod and cool and

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what to wear: jam session

guys and gals outfit idea rock out

A post for guys and gals who like to hang out and listen to some music or pick up an instrument and just jam. For what to wear, we’re recalling the good ole 80’s rockabilly style with some modern updates. Gals Strapless mini dress by Tucker with a full skirt. Wear it over a white

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business casual, men

what to wear: relaxed business casual

what to wear business casual

Something new today: a post for men and women! And it’s for those with the triangle body type.  Yes, men have body types — there are 4 and one is not the hourglass. <snicker> Instead of the hourglass, there is the oval — which I lovingly call beer belly…but I digress. If you work in

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career + office, men

what to wear: ceo casual – men

what to wear men ceo casual

Being on the West Coast, dress codes at work tend to be a little more casual; especially with the high-tech Silicon Valley firms.  So how do you dress if you are a CEO or top executive and want to bridge the gap between engineer-ultra-casual and corporate-professional? Here’s a look that will help you come across

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what to wear: weekend chillin’ – men

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post for the guys so here’s one for the weekend. If you have blue/green eyes, then layering this sage green tee over a long-sleeved neutral tee will make your eye color pop. And you may just find that you’ll ‘hypnotize’ your intended with  such a trick. (Putty

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