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Learn what your body type is so you can choose the right styles that work for you! Here at Wardrobe 911 we believe in keeping things simple. Thus, based on our research and conducting thousands of body type analyses, we’ve concluded that there are only 4 main body types. It’s truly not necessary (or healthy)



dressing the rectangle body type

Today we are sharing tips for dressing the Rectangle Body Shape. You are a Rectangle when your shoulder and hips align and you have an undefined waist. Most designers design for a rectangle body type as approximately 40% of women have this shape according to research we conducted back in 2006. There are tons of


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what to wear: holiday dress for the inverted triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips AND you have thin thighs and hips, then you have an inverted triangle figure. When putting together an outfit, you want to accent your great features. Here’s two dress options: one great and one almost great to help you look for the right styles. The coral BCBG


rectangle, special events + holidays

what to wear: holiday dress for the rectangle figure

Today we feature two dress options for the rectangle figure. If you’re shoulders and hips align and your waist is not really defined, then you have a rectangle body. Below are some tricks to use to help you look more proportioned and look great. Look for a medium to heavy-weight fabric when shopping for a


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what to wear: holiday dress for the triangle figure

If you have narrow shoulders, a small bust, and there is a 9 to 11 inch difference between your waist and hips then you have a triangle body shape. It is best to choose a dress in a heavier fabric and that has some structure on top to create balance with your hips. The Colbie


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what to wear: holiday dress for the hourglass figure

Holiday party season is upon us. This time of year is when you want to dress to impress and look your best. Throughout this week I will be giving you tips on what to wear to flatter your figure. The most important thing is to feel pretty and confident amongst all your friends, family and


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what to wear: spring dresses for every body type

With weather warming up, throwing on a dress not only makes getting dressed easier in the morning, it keeps you cool throughout the day.  Here’s my picks of reasonably priced dresses from Nordstroms that can be worn for work, play, or an upcoming wedding. From left to right: Belted yellow floral print dress, $118. Ultra-versatile,