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what to wear: back to the daily grind

If you’re realizing that your Summer is quickly winding down, you’re not alone.  And if you graduated from college some time ago or if you have kids who are now back in school, then this is for you. It’s about getting back into the swing of things, time to be serious and forget about the

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how to wear: fall dress from day to evening

The dress continues to be a favorite this coming Fall and so if you’re considering adding a new dress to your wardrobe, go for something other than black.  Here I show a beautiful plum belted sheath dress from Donna Ricco that is completely lined, structured beautifully, hand washable and is only $138. It is beautifully

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what to wear: professional job interview

You just got a call to come in for an interview from the company of your dreams.  Whether you’re interviewing for a very professional company like a financial institution or like one of our readers, the State Department, you’ll need an outfit that screams capable and confident. This is a wonderful classic suit outfit that

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