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outfit inspiration: dog adoption weekend

This weekend, we’re hitting the rescue organizations and shelters for another Boxer as our rescued Westie would like another brother or sister since we recently lost ours.  We foster at Helen Woodward Animal Center here in North San Diego but our search has found us looking at organizations far and near.  One thing that has really


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what to pack: weekend getaway

You’re taking off for a quick weekend getaway and although weekends are only 2 days last time I checked, it seems as if we forget that when we pack. Here’s some inspiration to keep it S I M P L E. One pair of jeans – you can wear them them twice without washing and I


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first date: over 40-something

In the post-divorce, over 40-something world, dating seems like a foreign language; something that if you haven’t practiced in a while, you find yourself rusty and making some mistakes along the way. It’s true, dating is different now and although once unconventional, meeting someone online is more than acceptable…but full of landmines.  Men tend to



what to wear: day or evening wedding

I love a good wedding. It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and wear a new dress and heels. So, here’s a couple of ideas for what to wear to an evening and a daytime wedding. Add a pretty gold cuff if you have one to dress up your arms…or a big cocktail ring.


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what to wear: wine festival

Tis the season for summer festivals and my favorite is the Encinitas Wine Festival that’s happening here this weekend in Northern San Diego. It’s one of those where all the best around the area gather to benefit some great local charities, sip delicious wines and taste local cuisine. Since most wine festivals happen outdoors, you definitely want to


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what to wear: holiday dress for the inverted triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips AND you have thin thighs and hips, then you have an inverted triangle figure. When putting together an outfit, you want to accent your great features. Here’s two dress options: one great and one almost great to help you look for the right styles. The coral BCBG


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what to wear: holiday dress for the rectangle figure

Today we feature two dress options for the rectangle figure. If you’re shoulders and hips align and your waist is not really defined, then you have a rectangle body. Below are some tricks to use to help you look more proportioned and look great. Look for a medium to heavy-weight fabric when shopping for a