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body type quiz

Learn what your body type is so you can choose the right styles that work for you! Here at Wardrobe 911 we believe in keeping things simple. Thus, based on our research and conducting thousands of body type analyses, we’ve concluded that there are only 4 main body types. It’s truly not necessary (or healthy)


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what to wear: holiday dress for the inverted triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips AND you have thin thighs and hips, then you have an inverted triangle figure. When putting together an outfit, you want to accent your great features. Here’s two dress options: one great and one almost great to help you look for the right styles. The coral BCBG


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what to wear: research lab at work

Justine was our wallets2wear Product Giveaway winner. In addition to the bracelet that she won, we selected her fashion emergency question to solve. Reader Question: I’ve got a fashion emergency of sorts, it’s ongoing, so I won’t collapse from it!  What would you recommend to someone who works in a lab? I’m 27 and work


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what to wear: maxi-mize your look

The 70s inspired maxi dress is on trend again this season. The fabrics are lightweight, comfortable and even hide your legs if you don’t want to show them off. You can wear the maxi dress casually or add some accessories to dress it up. The dress lengths can be variable so visit your tailor if


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what to wear: wedding party brunch

One of your good friends is getting married, and you are part of the wedding party.  There are tons of shindigs and events lined up including a wedding party brunch.  For the joyous gathering, you want to look nice and you want something that you can wear for other celebrations such as your brother’s upcoming


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how to wear: the mini dress

I am sure you have noticed all of the mini dresses in stores and online. There are so many cute ones but you have to decide if it is for you. Of course, you always have to keep your body type and personal style in mind. How short is too short? Well, it depends on


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how to wear: blue

There is a wave of blues immersed in this year’s spring fashion lines. Blue is another one of my favorite hues because I associate it with calmness and sophistication, yet there are colorful ways to freshen it up – like pairing it with blue greens (e.g. teals and turquoise). These colors are harmonious so they