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body type quiz

Learn what your body type is so you can choose the right styles that work for you! Here at Wardrobe 911 we believe in keeping things simple. Thus, based on our research and conducting thousands of body type analyses, we’ve concluded that there are only 4 main body types. It’s truly not necessary (or healthy)


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what to wear: holiday dress for the hourglass figure

Holiday party season is upon us. This time of year is when you want to dress to impress and look your best. Throughout this week I will be giving you tips on what to wear to flatter your figure. The most important thing is to feel pretty and confident amongst all your friends, family and


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what to wear: job interview

If you’re a rectangle or hourglass and looking for the perfect interview suit that you can break up and wear multiple ways — and travel in without worrying that it’ll wrinkle — then BCBG has a great and affordable contender for you to consider. The black pencil skirt works perfectly paired with the one-button jacket


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what to wear: wedding party brunch

One of your good friends is getting married, and you are part of the wedding party.  There are tons of shindigs and events lined up including a wedding party brunch.  For the joyous gathering, you want to look nice and you want something that you can wear for other celebrations such as your brother’s upcoming


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how to wear: the mini dress

I am sure you have noticed all of the mini dresses in stores and online. There are so many cute ones but you have to decide if it is for you. Of course, you always have to keep your body type and personal style in mind. How short is too short? Well, it depends on


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what to wear: salsa dancing

Latin dance is hot! We have some expert advice from what to wear to how to manage your personal belongings on the dance floor from salsa dance lover Julia. She is also the creator and designer of wallets2wear, which features accessories that function as a small wallet for those times you just want to leave


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what to wear: wedding

Reader Question Looking for some advice on what to wear to a wedding in Walnut Creek, California in mid March. The wedding is at 3 followed by a cocktail party reception. I am 46, hourglass shape, 5’8″ with about 10 pounds to lose. My colors are warm tones. Wardrobe 911’s Style Prescription Spring is a