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take the body type quiz

Women are Not Fruit

After working with hundreds of women individually, I have discovered that most women do not like being regarded as fruit. Therefore, Wardrobe 911 uses the simple nomenclature of silhouette shapes to define the four body type categories: hourglass, rectangle, triangle, and inverted triangle…and there are certain styles and designers that work for some and not others!

The Wardrobe 911® Body Type Quiz was developed in 2006 by Chief Stylist, Arden T Reece. The quiz combines several years of developing calculations informed by body measurement data collected from hundreds of women along with a 2007 body type survey in which over 100 women responded with their measurements and perceptions. The data revealed some interesting things:

Most women are either rectangles (41%) or hourglasses (40%).  The rest are triangles and of those, only 4% are inverted.  It was amazing to me that the perception out there was that a lot of women were triangles (aka pear-shaped.)  What was also uncanny was that 67% of the women that were triangles, thought they were hourglasses!  This misunderstanding happens a lot with my clients as well.

After two years of developing tons of calculations and tweaking them relentlessly with real data, I have come up with a not-quite-100-percent-but-really-really-close-to-being-accurate-all-the-time body type quiz. The Body Type Quiz in tandem with the Wardrobe 911 Body Type Guides which come in four body type versions that show you how to dress for your specific body type.

How it Works

howtomeasureTypical body type measurements are limited to only the bust, waist and hips. The Wardrobe 911 Body Type Quiz comprehensively determines a woman’s body type by calculating the following measurements and considerations:

  • Shoulder Measurement
  • Bust Measurement
  • Cup Size
  • Defined or Undefined Waist
  • Hip Measurement
  • Hip and thigh type

The quiz doesn’t get it right all the time but it should help you as you try and determine what works best for you.  Most fashion experts completely ignore the shoulders in determining silhouettes — InStyle’s body type calculator is a perfect example.  They cannot be ignored and the quiz takes them into consideration.  Make sure you take the right measurements as you go through it.  I hope you find it helpful!

Take the Quiz!

Grab a measuring tape and figure out your body type by taking the free Body Type Quiz:

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