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blog birthday winner!

And the winner is….Melissa!  You'll be receiving an email from me soon with some questions for your 30-minute email consultation.

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and birthday wishes — I enjoy hearing how Wardrobe 911 helps solve your fashion “emergencies.”  But what I love even more is hearing about your needs and concerns in developing your personal style no matter what stage of life you're in.  I've been working on developing a ‘members-only' site where you can go for all kinds of help and guidance in developing your unique style.  It's been four months in development and I hope to have something to share in December.  So keep the suggestions and ideas coming! They may just find their way in there.

I am off to help a dear friend get her new salon ready for her grand opening so a what to wear article will be posted later today. so stay tuned.

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    Ok.. here are the things I’d love to see.

    *Single mom, tom boyish, 5’9″ and 200pds. I carry most of my weight in my buttocks and my thighs. Everything else is slender.

    *I just started dating and need good clothes that I can do a lot of mix and match.

    *Most of my dating is very casual. BBQ at my new dates house, movies in the arm chair, meeting his parents.

    *Great flats, shoes for dating someone who is only an inch taller than you.

    *Comfortable clothing to keep at his house that hide the butt, but look really cute.

    *I work as a secretary in a mechanic shop. I dress very casual, however I’m always looking for new ways to spruce that up.

    *Good clothing for olive complexions and dark haired women.

    ACCESSORIES. I never know what earrings, necklaces, hats, scarves (or how to tie one)…. bracelets, etc. I’d love some tips here.

    Thanks! I read your blog daily.

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    Hi Teresa,

    I would like to add some help with color choices. I have an oatmeal boyfriend cardigan and I am not shure how the dark green tee works with it or not.

    I also are not sure about accessories.

    Clothes for the real cold weather in Chicago, which look good and are comfortable.

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