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I was recently shopping and it was a struggle to find jeans that had a flattering back pocket. I want to know what style of back pocket looks best. Is it especially trendy to position the pockets really low? I tried on a pair of jeans with super low back pockets and I didn't feel comfortable in them.

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I believe that the majority of women can relate to your quest for the perfect back pocket. You have to find the balance between trendy and what looks best for your body type. A higher pocket placement tends to be more flattering so that is why the super low back pockets probably didn't do you justice.

It's amazing how easily you can recognize a signature back pocket design from a designer such as the 7 for All Mankind Bootcut Jeans (1). The challenge is that the designer pockets all have different placements and details. In addition, you may want to look for darker washes to give you a slimmer look and a little Lycra to give you some definition. Here are some basic guidelines to help give you the best shape.

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  • Angled Pockets (2) – such as the AG Angel Bootcut Jeans makes your behind look perky. These pockets are tilted slightly to the right to add a virtual ” lift” and work wonders for flat behinds. Add on a pair of heels for an additional lift.
  • Back Pockets with a Flap (3) ¬†– this is a signature look from Hudson Jeans. It is a little flirty and adds an illusion that more is there. Since the flap adds additional weight, it does not look good on someone with wider hips or a big booty.
  • Embellished pockets (4) – can be fun but remember less is more depending on your goal. The pockets featured on the Ella Studded Skinny Jeans (not shown) will definitely add dimension and attention! True Religion Billy Straight Leg Jeans with Metallic Rainbow uses gold stitching on top of flap pockets for a night out on the town. These are for the gal who loves her booty since they garner attention.
  • Long + Low Pockets (6) – will create a long, flat butt line so it really only looks good on those who have perky butts.The look is very trendy as featured in the Rock Revival Gwen Boot Jeans so we give a red-alert warning to those considering trying these: they look best on skinny inverted triangles who are models. No One Else – Beware!
  • Small and Large Pockets – the general rule is that smaller pockets will make your behind look larger and larger pockets will make you look smaller. Just keep proportion in mind. If the pockets are too small, you will look really big. Medium size is best!
  • Welt Pockets (5) – are normally used on trousers and are flattering for all shapes. The Habitual Ascot Jeans features this type of pocket.
  • No pockets – this style does not give you any shape unless it has the V Shaped back yoke which is very flattering. You will not find many jeans without back pockets but occasionally a designer will put out a trouser jean that may have this detail in back.

The silhouette of the jean (bootcut, straight, wide, flare) also needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the right jean for your body type.  Take the Body Type Quiz if you want to find out.

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    This was the best article ever!!!
    My husband hates the low pocket look ’cause he says it makes my butt look horrible. I’m a size 2 though, so more often than I care to admit, I have to shop in the junior section. It’s been a struggle through the ‘skinny jean’ craze to find jeans with a good pocket and a good butt!
    Thank you for the guidelines!!

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