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aging well: time for a makeunder

over 50 makeunder and looking naturally beautiful

Sometimes it's the makeunders, not the makeovers, that make the biggest impact on making us look great.

I remember quite clearly going to the Merle Norman studio to get a makeover at the age of 16. It had a dramatic effect on how I viewed makeup back then: that I could transform my lips from small to big with the application of lipliner and gloss, that I could make my eyes more dramatic with the addition of eyeliner and lots and lots of mascara…and unfortunately for me back then, the idea that I could add some color to my pale white skin with the addition of bright peach blush. It was a tad heavy-handed as I look back at the pictures. But I learned the most important lesson soon enough: LESS is MORE.

And another thing I've learned over the years: as we age, less makeup and a great skincare regimen are the rules for looking great.

Time to Ditch These Makeup Mistakes

  • As we age we tend to lose pigment in our lips and cheeks so a great color that is complimentary is crucial – nothing too dark as it will minimize your lips.
  • Powder isn't our friend. It loves to settle in wrinkles and lines.
  • Harsh makeup lines. Blending is key but you must have a light touch so as not to rub the color away.  One very talented makeup artist that I worked with at KQED taught me this: make sure you pat your foundation or blush on…don't just blend it completely off with your sponge.
  • Heavy application of anything. Covering up too much actually draws more attention to the area you are trying to cover up. Less really is more. Check out this article on 10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You for more.

Key Points to Looking Natural

Probably one of the best makeup videos I've seen for creating glowing, youthful skin for mature skin is by Lisa Eldridge. It's awesome and you can watch it below. I don't show the products she has used in the picture above but I do show makeup that I have found to work great. Why so much NARS? Because they are gluten-free and their colors are spot-on natural looking.

  • Use Tinted Moisturizer – with sunscreen is even better. I show NARS tinted moisturizer with SPF 30.
  • Add Soft Color to the Apples of your Cheeks – I'm a fan of NARS Orgasm blush. They also have a creme stick in the same color but it doesn't last as long.
  • Add Definition to Eyebrows – using a great brush and powder to fill in thinning eyebrows helps frame the face. I like Laura Geller's brow kit.
  • Curl Your Eyelashes – Makes a big difference.
  • Add a bit of Eyeliner and Mascara – dab the eyeliner into your top lashes and go for a gray or brown color versus black.
  • Creamy eyeshadow – I love, love, love Cindy Joseph's Glimmer Boomstick – it is very subtle on the eyes and is perfect for that natural look you're going for.
  • Tinted Lip Balm or Sheer Lipstick – nothing too dark. I personally love NARS Sheer Lipstick – super sheer and lovely colors. My favorite is Roman Holiday – a pretty sheer pink.


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