12 days of style: day 5

Today’s style is Fashion Maverick!


This is your trendsetter friend. She takes risks and has a unique style that combines the expected with the unexpected. You want to get her something edgy but don’t know where to start. Here’s what we love for the Maverick gal.

This vegan leather peplum top is really edgy. Peplum is so on point with the trends, but making it leather is such a creative spin on a usually sweet look. She can pair it with a pencil skirt for a totally fabulous look.


Another option for your friend would be this faux fur infinity scarf. Not only is this eye catching, like everything else in her closet, but it’s also such a great piece that she can pair with so many things and instantly change a look.



About Stefanie Nissen

Stefanie's passion lies in all things fashion related. Her background is in Fashion Design, where she has a deep understanding of product development, trend forecasting, and design. She became a personal stylist because she gets to help people on a more personal level and find it incredibly rewarding. Find out more www.fashionableinspirations.com

One Response to “12 days of style: day 5”

  1. I love your article Stefanie…day 5 from your tour of 12 days is very inspirational…faux fur infinity scarf is quite a massive surprise… but a pleasant one…

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