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first date: over 40-something

what to wear 1st date over 40

In the post-divorce, over 40-something world, dating seems like a foreign language; something that if you haven’t practiced in a while, you find yourself rusty and making some mistakes along the way. It’s true, dating is different now and although once unconventional, meeting someone online is more than acceptable…but full of landmines.  Men tend to


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fun statement jewelry

statement jewelry

Let’s face it….a tee and jeans or a simple dress are boring without adding some personality. The best way to show your style is with some fun statement pieces. Items that you can wear everyday. So here’s some ideas for inspiration: Statement Frida Collar Necklace. This is hefty. It hits at the perfect spot with


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body type quiz

determine my body type quiz

It’s been a while since I updated our body type quiz and I decided now was the most perfect time than any to do so. Contrary to most, I only use 4 body types. I’ve never seen the need to get highly analytical about it because then we end up going over every little minute



what to wear: day or evening wedding

what to wear day and evening wedding

I love a good wedding. It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and wear a new dress and heels. So, here’s a couple of ideas for what to wear to an evening and a daytime wedding. Add a pretty gold cuff if you have one to dress up your arms…or a big cocktail ring.


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closet advice: the good, the bad and the ugly

wardrobe good and bad advice

A while back I was caught yelling at my TV (which I NEVER do…double-pinky swear) as I watched a personal stylist tell a national morning news anchor, Lynn Berry what to keep and get rid of in her closet. It was so exasperating to watch item after item kept or tossed because the stylist saw it one


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what to wear: hot flashes

what to wear when having a hot flash

Ah, the hot flash. The sign that your period is/has come to an end…halle-fricken-lujah. (that’s how I feel anyways.) And the ‘oh my heck, what is going on with me?’ has been replaced with ‘get out of my way!’ as you jet to the nearest turbo fan. For some, you get them all day long and


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sandal roundup: summer neutrals

neutral summer 2015 sandals

The one thing I love about shoes is the ability to show your unique style with them. And this season, there’s a lot of edgy and fun details out there. I love a colorful shoe but today I wanted to focus on the lighter neutrals which work with almost every color as well as black