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is color or style more important when getting dressed?

If you had to choose between wearing the right color and wearing the right style for your personality, what would you choose? I’ve thought about this a lot as it has come up many times when working with clients.  In an ideal world, wouldn’t it be great if we found things that fit our body,


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outfit inspiration: dog adoption weekend

This weekend, we’re hitting the rescue organizations and shelters for another Boxer as our rescued Westie would like another brother or sister since we recently lost ours.  We foster at Helen Woodward Animal Center here in North San Diego but our search has found us looking at organizations far and near.  One thing that has really


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the eye of the beholder

  My favorite all-time TV show when I was a kid was the Twilight Zone.  My brother and I would look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because we knew that’s when our local station would air the Twilight Zone Marathon so we could watch all our favorite episodes from morning till night. I still marvel at


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what to pack: weekend getaway

You’re taking off for a quick weekend getaway and although weekends are only 2 days last time I checked, it seems as if we forget that when we pack. Here’s some inspiration to keep it S I M P L E. One pair of jeans – you can wear them them twice without washing and I


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learn how to look great with these simple tools

Looking to refresh your style? Our wardrobe guides and color swatches are designed to help you bring out your unique qualities and build your authentic style. I don’t believe in putting people in boxes so you won’t find a full color palette for you on the site, unfortunately. Instead, you’ll find key core wardrobe palettes


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aging well: time for a makeunder

Sometimes it’s the makeunders, not the makeovers, that make the biggest impact on making us look great. I remember quite clearly going to the Merle Norman studio to get a makeover at the age of 16. It had a dramatic effect on how I viewed makeup back then: that I could transform my lips from small


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why wearing sunscreen matters

Yesterday my childhood friend, Kari, who is battling Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma posted a message on her CaringBridge page. She’s been battling it for 12 years and currently undergoing a new trial of infusions and radiation. To say she is living a new normal is an understatement. Her melanoma was caused by her getting sunburned as a kid. (Yes, we